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A. Nayyar - 100% Free  Best Pakistani Filmi Music DownloadFamous Pakistani Filmi Music Singer A. Nayyar He was a renowned playback singer for Pakistani movies. He was a brilliant singer for Pakistani films and a master of both folk and classical music in Pakistan. “Yunhin Din Cut Jayen,” his first well-known Filmi song, and “Yuhin Shaam Dhal Jaye,” a duet with Rubina Badar that was written by A. Hameed and other people.

A. Nayyar received five Nigar Awards in 1979, 1985, 1988, and 1989. His most well-known song is a duet with Naheed Akhtar called “Film Kharidar”; “Sathi Mujhay Mil Gaya,” and he has also sung a lot of other famous songs in Pakistani Filmi Music.

Nayyar, A. From 1970 to 1980, Ahmed Rushdi and Akhlaq Ahmed continued to be the two most important playback singers in Pakistani cinema. He received instruction in playback music from Ahmed Rushdi, and he began his playback career in 1974 with his first TV performance on Naye Fankar. I’ve chosen A. Nayyar’s most well-known Pakistani songs.

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Pakistani Playback Music Singer A. Nayyar’s Biography¬†

A. Nayyar, whose original name was Arthur Nayyar, was born on April 14, 1950, and became well-known in Pakistani music as a wonderful singer of both pop and film music. He debuted in 1974 with a song called “Double Act.” After a protracted illness.

A. Nayyar was a playback vocalist for Pakistani movies. In 1974, he launched his career with a duet tune. Nayyar consistently credited renowned singer Ahmed Rushdi with helping to advance his career because Rushdi taught him how to sing for the film. In the latter half of the 1970s and into the 1980s, the Pakistani film industry’s two leading playback singers, Nayyar and Akhlaq Ahmed, remained dominant.

A. Nayyar has struggled with heart disease in recent years. The primary cause of his failing health was the passing of his 28-year-old son. He was also in financial trouble because the film industry had completely forgotten about him. After a protracted illness, Nayyar passed away at his Lahore home on the evening of November 11, 2016, at 8:30 p.m. He was buried in the presence of his friends, family, and relatives in the Christian Graveyard on Jail Road in Lahore.

A. Nayyar Early Life Career and Performance

A. Nayyar was born to a Christian family in Chak No.148/9.L, Ranson Abad, a tiny village in the Sahiwal District. He spent his early years in Arifwala, Punjab, Pakistan, before moving to Lahore. After graduating from St. Francis High School in Lahore, he was granted admission to Forman Christian College.

In 1975, he received his BEd from the Government Central Training College. Nayyar grew up watching both Pakistani and Indian movies. He was inspired by movie playback singers like Saleem Raza, Talat Mehmood, and Muhammad Rafi.

In 1974, Nayyar made his first appearance on television on the program Naye Fankar, following which he started his playback singing career. He was brought to Lollywood by renowned director Riaz Shahid, who was looking for a singer for his next film Bahisht (1974).

He studied under film composer Wajahat Attre, and he also sought advice from renowned singer Mehdi Hassan. In his singing career, Nayyar performed over 4200 songs for movies, radio, and television.

A. Nayyar Filmi Playback Importance and its Awards

The Pakistani President presented the Pride of Performance Award in 2018. Five Nigar Awards went to A. Nayyar for playback singing. His first Nigar Award for the best singer was given for director Hasan Askari’s movie “Aag” in 1979. He also won for director Sangeeta’s movie “Jeenay Naheen doon gee” in 1985, director Pervez Malik’s movie “Ghareboan ka Badshah” in 1988, and director Sangeeta’s movie “Taqat ka Tufaan” in 1989 and again in 1991.

Best Pakistani Filmi Music Free Download

A. Nayyar Filmi has sung very famous and popular songs in Pakistan Film Industry, some songs are such as “Yunhin Din Cut Jaye, Yuhin Shaam Dhal Jaye,” sung by A. Nayyar and Rubina Badar, with music by A. Hameed and lyrics by Taslim Fazli, appeared in the movie Bahisht (1974).

In the movie Kharidar, “Pyar To Ik Din Hona Tha, Hona Tha Ho Gaya,” sung by A. Nayyar with Naheed Akhtar and with lyrics by Kaleem Usmani and music by M. Ashraf (1976). From the movie Jasoos, “Sathi Mujhay Mil Gaya, Mil Gaya Mil Gaya,” sung by A. Nayyar with lyrics by Fayyaz Hashmi and music by Ustad Tafu (1977). A. Nayyar, Kaleem Usmani, and Robin Ghosh’s song “Milay Do Sathi Khili Do Kaliyan” is from the film Amber (1978).

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