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Aashiq Nizamani – 100% Free Sindhi Songs Download

Aashiq Nizamani Sindhi Lok Music Singer. He has sung all “Sindhi Supr Hit Songs” of extraordinary verse of Sindhi youthful artists and other Sindhi Sufi Poets. Aashiq Nizamani has sung in Wedding functions, Mela, and other nearby Mehfils. 

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Aashiq Nizamani - 100% Free Sindhi Songs Download

Aashiq Nizamani Sindhi Singer Biography

Aashiq Nizamani Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is an incredible Sindhi Music Artist, he made a great name in Sindh Music He assumed an awesome part in mainstream Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Traditional Music, and Sindhi Ghazals Music and he is extremely famous on KTN Sindhi Channel, Kashish Sindhi Channel, and others all over Sindh. 

He advanced the universe of Sindhi Music and enchanted the groups of onlookers with his magnificent creativity in his enjoyment of singing. His super hit Sindhi Music has been bringing comfort to numerous hearts of people groups of Sindh. 

He is one of those uncommon Traditional performers who extended the peripheries of Established Sindhi songs by taking it to the regular masses. His rendering of “Sindhi Kalaams” was celestial and used to enchant and transfix audience members, and transport them into an alternate world. I have chosen below the most prevalent Music of Aashiq Nizamani.

Aashiq Nizamani Sindhi Classical Music Download 
Download Ae Chand Piree Khan Aao Puchhi
Download Aseen Piyar Karen Wara Manho
Download Chand Saan Gad Raat Bher
Download Dard Dil Jo Wadhi Jo Wendo Aa
Download Dil Sikenni Khe Keean Samjhayan
Download Dil Thi Chaway
Download Ghano Udas Na Thi
Download Hi College Ja Denhra Hi Hostel Joon Ratiyoon
Download Hik Galh Ta Budh Monh Moo Di Kare
Download Hik Tu Bhi Chae
Download Hin Dil Ji Kahen Khi Dhaan
Download Hin Raat Ji Andhere Mai Sanam
Download Jaman Baad Jeean
Download Janam Janam Khan
Download Jaye Piyar Mari Wendo
Download Jhoongar Per Tu Horyan
Download Kedi Na Be Chai Aa
Download Khushboo Khatan Mai Saagi
Download Mithra Matji Waya
Download Mohen Matayo Tu
Download Moti Aenda Seen
Download Murki Murki Melo
Download Oa Kadi Naa Bi Chai
Download Piyariyoon Ratiyoon Hujan
Download Poti Lurkan San Chho Pusai
Download Qurb Kahani Yaad Na Thai Ka
Download Rachee Laal Mehindi Jo
Download Sari Raat Sitara Disende
Download Sikoon Sanyon Mitha Moklani
Download Tohinjoon Yadoon Ain Akelai
Download Tohinjoon Yadoon
Download Wichhren Weli


The customary arrangements of Shah Jo Risalo by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A incorporate 30 Surs which are sung as Raags. The most established distributions of Shah Jo Risalo contained somewhere in the range of 36 Surs, yet later a large portion of the etymologists disposed of 6 Surs, as their dialect and substance did not coordinate with Shah’s style.

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