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About us, my name is Ghulam Muhammad (G.M Khan) and I am a full-time Blogger bringing home the bacon from this new and dynamic medium from web journals like Gathering of Music, Compose Quality Articles, Tips, and Tricks about Blogger, Form Plan, Linux Articles, and other specialized Articles related with PC Innovation.

About us my hobbies and profession

In 2011, I have begun to compose Blogger Articles, this is my own energy and enthusiasm, and I have begun to gather the best quality Old and most recent Music from my nation and different nations beat Hit Music. I have now begun my own Blog with a private domain, this is my own blog where I’ve collected Top Hit Music, Established Music, Popular Music, and I have gathered Top Hit Music, and begun to compose Articles on Blogger, Specialized Tips, Linux, and different points. When my blogs will be grown in popularity I will gain such a great amount from the experience of the blogging profession that I will be begun numerous different blogs.

About Us and my sites have developed in prevalence and have started to produce wage Blogging has developed from a diversion to low-maintenance work through to a completely fledged business as of late. I have gradually incorporated my blogging with a pay source that has empowered me to devote increasing time to the medium to the point where I am presently a full-time blogger.

If you want to read an extended version of my story I’ve written it on Google Plus. You might also like to visit my Website  Folk Music, still, I am working on this Website and updating some mistakes from time to time the provision the best Music and Articles for the readers.

Further, I am ready all-time for the help of readers and visitors of My Website, anyone who can contact me at the following address regarding helps me to provide the Biography of Singers, of Sindh Pakistan, and other countries.

For more about us and contact us on the Contact Page. and also read our privacy policy.

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