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Akhtiar Ali Dayo – 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

Akhtiar Ali Dayo Sindhi Folk Music singer. He is an incredible Sindhi Music Artist, he has sung a lot of great songs in the Sindhi language and he made a great name in Sindh Music.

He assumed an extraordinary part in prominent Sindhi Cultural Music, Sindhi Popular Music, Sindhi Classical Music, and Sindhi Lok Music, and he is exceptionally famous on KTN Sindhi Channel, Kashish Sindhi Channel, Sindh Television, and other Neighborhood TV Stations in Sindh.

Akhtiar Ali Dayo - 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

He improved the universe of Sindhi Music and excited the crowds with his breathtaking imagination in his enjoyment of singing in Sindhi Dialect. His super hit Sindhi Music has been bringing comfort to numerous hearts of people groups of Sindh.

He is one of those uncommon Traditional performers who extended the peripheries of Established Sindhi songs by taking them to the regular masses. I have selected below the most popular Super Hit Sindhi Cultural music of  Akhtiar Ali Dayo.

Akhtiar Ali Dayo Sindhi Classical Music 
Download Akhriyoon Aaliyoon Kare Moo Khi
Download Disi Tohinja Mohinja Piyar
Download Dukh Moo Khi Dai Wayain Tu
Download Dukhan Je Bhakrun Mai
Download Galhiyoon Wadiyoon Kare
Download Ishiq Alai Kanden Aai Tu
Download Mohinji Nazik Dil Khi Gahri Chot
Download Tension Tension Piyar Jo Tension
Download Tohinji Nazren Kayo Aa Deewano
Download Tohinji Yaad Piree Kal Raat
Download Yaar Tu Khaan Pu Dubai Sharja Wasai


Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Akhtiar Ali Dayo

Akhtiar Ali Dayo Sindh Classical Music Singer, below to Province of Sindh Pakistan. His rendering of “Sindhi Kalaams“, was celestial and used to captivate and transfix audience members, and transport them into an alternate universe of Sindhi Music.
He played all ” Sindhi Super Hit Songs” of incredible verses of Sindhi youthful artists and other Sindhi Sufi Artists. Akhtiar Ali Dayo has sung in Wedding ceremonies, Mela, and other neighborhood Mehfils. He has sung Sindhi Sindhi Pop Music and he is the most famous Artist of Sindhi language. 

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