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Arieb Azhar – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

Punjabi folk singer Arieb Azhar. He is a talented Punjabi Sufi musician who has made a name for himself in Pakistani and Punjabi music. He began when he was a little child and realized that when he represented himself as a great vocalist, people would listen to his wonderful melodies.

Arieb Azhar - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

Arieb Azhar’s parents worked in theatre and television, therefore he was exposed to several musical genres at a young age. Early folk music and classical music, in his opinion. He was a fan of traditional music but eventually listened to popular music.

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Arieb Azhar Punjabi Folk Music Singer Biography

On June 30, 1972, Arieb Azhar was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is the second child of Aslam Azhar, who is regarded as the inventor of Pakistani television for his early contributions to the country’s television industry. At home, Arieb Azhar was exposed to both western classical music and folk and classical music from Pakistan.

When he was 17 years old, he went to the Soviet Union to study but quickly returned after becoming disenchanted with what he called the “corrupt system” that was prevalent there. He subsequently spent the next 13 years of his life in Zagreb, Croatia (at the time of his migration.

Zagreb was still part of Yugoslavia), where he “fully integrated” and pursued his higher studies in Indology and philosophy while also performing music. In an effort to reestablish his Pakistani origins, he visited Pakistan again in 2004. In addition to Croatian, he is comfortable and proficient in the languages Urdu and Punjabi.

Arieb Azhar Career and Performance in Folk Music 

Eight tracks made up his first album, Wajj, which was published in 2006. He sang the classical lyrics of Sufi poets including Khawaja Ghulam Farid, Bulleh Shah, and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, as well as more modern poetry by Sarmad Sehbai.

Azhar was scheduled to visit the UK in 2012 to collaborate with renowned English folk singer Martin Simpson on blending South Asian and Celtic folk and classical music to produce a synthesis on a “soul” level. Martin and I are attempting to create music together in a really natural and organic way where we are playing off each other’s musical “feel,” Arieb Azhar stated in an interview from 2012.

One of Arieb Azhar’s interests is to incorporate various Eurasian influences he has picked up along the road into urban and folk-based tunes with lyrics from Pakistani Sufi poets. Arieb Azhar has occasionally been referred to as a melting pot of musical and creative influences. In Coke Studio, he is well recognized for singing the Husn-e-Haqiqi song (Pakistan).

The Importance of Arieb Azhar and His Role in Punjabi Sufi Music

He picked up the guitar at a younger age with his sweet voice. Arieb Azhar found an expression that he can proudly call a great Sufi Music Singer. He has sung Punjabi songs and he is a master of Punjabi Classical Music. I have selected below the most popular Music of Arieb Azhar Best Punjabi Folk Songs, Punjabi folk geet, Mirza folk song, best bhangra dance songs, Punjabi gidda dance songs, folk Punjab songs,  top Punjabi folk songs, best folk songs Punjabi, non-filmi Punjabi folk songs, free Punjabi folk songs,  latest Punjabi song folk, Punjabi Sufi Songs download, mp3 Punjabi Sufi Music Download.

He was a significant contributor to the global success of Punjabi Classical Music, Lok Music, Folk Music, and Sufi Music. Punjabi-Pakistani Sufi singer Arieb Azhar. Wajj, his debut album, features excellent lyrics by Baba Bhulleh Shah, Khwaja Ghulam Farid, and Mian Mohammad Baksh in addition to more modern songs by Sarmad Sehbai.

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He left for Croatia at the age of 19, just as that country was separating from Yugoslavia, and he lived there for the following 13 years. Through Punjabi Sufi Songs, he was introduced to Balkan and Gypsy music. He was one of the band’s founders, and together they produced two albums with their original take on Celtic music.

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