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Atta Muhammad Niazi – 100% Free Saraiki Music Download

Atta Muhammad Niazi is a great  Pakistani most popular Singer from Daudkhel, District Mianwali, Punjab Pakistan. Pakistani Folk Music manages subjects encompassing everyday life in less bombastic terms than the affection and feeling generally contained in its customary and established partner.

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Atta Muhammad Niazi - 100% Free Saraiki Music Download

Pakistani Saraiki Singer Atta Muhammad Niazi Biography

Atta Muhammad Niazi Daud Khelvi. He is an extraordinary Punjabi, Saraiki Lok Music Singer. He makes an incredible name in Saraiki Music and Punjab Traditional Music

He is generally Saraiki Artist and furthermore, he has sung in Punjabi and Urdu dialects. His traditional Music Collections were released and furthermore, he is an accomplished individual he got a degree and an MSc in Science and furthermore filled in as a Government Officer in the National Fertilizer Company of Pakistan.

He sang sad Saraiki Music, cherish tunes and other incredible songs, because of the extraordinary ubiquity he sang in open Mehfils, Mela, Wedding services, and different capacities. Atta Muhammad has sung with adoration and heart and furthermore, he is ace of music goes to put influences on soul of each individual. I have chosen Super Hit’s most prominent Music of Atta Muhammad Niazi.

Atta Muhammad Niazi Saraiki Folk Music Download
Download Akhe Ko Karey Lal Lal Sakhyaan
Download Beparvah Balocha
Download Chunr Key Phuttyaan Vechendi Paiyaan
Download Fursat Mili Jadan Bhi
Download Ghar To Ghar Hey Shehr Vi Saara Dis Pey Khali Khali
Download Ik Toon Hovey Ik Mein Hovaan
Download Kadi Tey Has Bol Vey
Download Kal Hanjwaan Di Maala Pa Key
Download Kare Ankhiyaan Dey Wall
Download Kithey Dil
Download Meri Vasiya Kanrka Pakiya
Download Na Khat Tedhey Parh Sakdi
Download Teri Tarah Tera Gaaon
Download Tey Mein Sohnrey Raat Dey Pichley Par Jehra Khwab Aavey
Download Veli Bethi Aan Tedi Rah Vey Mahiyaan


Atta Muhammad is an extraordinarily Established Society Music artist who surely understood Saraki Singer and is exceptionally well known in Pakistan Music. Atta Muhammad has sung traditional awesome songs and we adore his mainstream melodies without fail. 

In Pakistan, every region has its own particular variety of famous people’s music. Pakistan has made numerous well-known singers but Atta Muhammad Niazi is well known Artist of Punjab.

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