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Deeba Sehar – 100% Free Best Sindhi Songs Download

The most Well known Singer Deeba Sehar is a popular Pakistani Artist of Sindhi Folk Music History. After the debut of the first Sindhi TV channel, KTN, where she had her own show, Deeba Sahar rose to fame. Concerts by Deeba Sahar are held in Pakistan and other countries.

Deeba Sehar - 100% Free Best Sindhi Songs Download

A well-known Pakistani Sindhi artist is Deeba Sahar. She became well-known in the realm of Sindhi folk music when the area was exposed to Sindhi dialect TV shows. The performances of Deeba Sahar take place both in Pakistan and abroad and Deeba Sehar is still called the best Sindhi artist. She had also given numerous performances in Dubai and enjoyed a solid reputation there for his endearing singing voice. Her vocals have been compared to the playback singer Lata Mangeshkar from India.

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Deeba Sehar, a singer of Sindhi folk music, Biography

Deeba Sehar was born on January 15, 1980, in Gulshan Iqbal Karachi. Her parents, who were originally from Pindi Bhatia, Punjab, eventually relocated there. She attended Sindh Public High School Karachi for her education.

She has always loved music, and during her school years, she performed Islamic programs and read Naats. She received musical instruction from her father, Ijaz Hussain, as well as from Ustads Fateh Ali Khan and Ustad Ali Nawaz.

In 1995, she started singing nonstop. On Radio Pakistan Hyderabad, she was introduced by renowned producer Naseer Mirza in 1997. Later, she appears on PTV’s Roshan Tara for Kids program. She gave performances in several nations, including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Norway, and Italy.

She has performed songs in a variety of languages, including Sindhi, Brohi, Pashto, Saraiki, and Punjabi. She received numerous music awards for singing the poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (R.A), Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A, Imdad Hussain, Ustad Bukhari, and other poets.

Folk Music performance by Deeba Sehar

Deeba Sehar is a singer of Sindhi folk music. She has a solid reputation in Sindhi music and is a renowned Sindhi pop singer. She contributed significantly to popular Sindhi songs, Lok music, and folk music throughout Sindh. Since Sindhi language television channels began to broadcast in the area, she has developed a reputation in the Sindhi music industry.

Concerts by Deeba Sahar take place all around the world and in Pakistan. She recently gave several performances in Dubai. Many people’s hearts have been comforted by her wonderful performance. She is one of the few musicians who brought folk songs to the general public, so expanding the folk song’s sphere of influence.

Deeba Sehar, a Pakistani classical singer and Sindhi and Siraiki Super Hit Folk Artist, has had a big impact on Sindhi music. She is a musician who has added new tints, genres, and alterations to Sindhi and Siraiki music as well as music from other ethnic traditions. Both Sindhi Sufi music and Sindhi Cultural Pop music have been played by her. She is currently one of Radio Pakistan Hyderabad’s most popular performers.

Career and Performance of Deeba Sehar in Sindhi Music

She performed “Sindhi Kalam” in a magnificent manner, captivating listeners and lulling them into another planet. She performed all of the popular Sindhi poets’ excellent “Folk Songs.” Deeba Sehar sang Lok Music on Radio Pakistan, at regional TV stations, at weddings, at the Sindh Mela, and at various neighborhood mehfils.

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Best Sindhi Songs Free Download

Her well-known and extremely popular songs, including “Aree Aien Gadji Kayoon,” “Aalyoon Akheryoon,” “Barabar Bhej Bhittaie,” and “Dil Jee Viraan,” are greatly admired and listened to by Sindhi and Pakistani people.

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