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Faiz Muhammad Baloch – 100% Free Balochi Folk Music

Faiz Muhammad Baloch - 100% Free Balochi Folk MusicThe most popular Pakistani Balochi Artist Faiz Muhammad Baloch was a great Artist of Pakistan.

He sang in Balochi, Sindhi, and Urdu languages. Faiz Muhammad  Faiz Muhammad Baloch lived his early life in Karachi but later he traveled to Quetta, Balochistan.

Faiz Muhammad Baloch was a great Artist of Pakistani Songs, and a lot of people admired his contribution to Balochi Music.

His popular Music is “Laila O Laila”, “Biya Tara Baran Saila”, “Muskat-e- Mehruk”, “Ae Naz Hunsey Wala” and another lot of great songs.  Faiz created a great name in Balochi Folk Music.

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Balochi Music Singer Faiz Muhammad Baloch Biography

Faiz Muhammad Baloch was a great artist of Balochistan and he was called Faizok Baloch, he was the most popular  Pakistani Classical Music Singer.  He was born in 1901 in Qasr-e-Qand, Iran a region in Nikshahr Township Baluchistan, He was the most popular Pakistani and Balochi Songs, Pakistani Cultural Music Artist.

He taught his Musician Training from Master Mallarami from Allahabad and also Master Khayr Mohamamd taught him Sindhi Music. This legendary Artist was breathing his last in 1982 at Quetta, Balochistan at the age of 80 years.

Faiz Muhammad Baloch Career and Performance

Later, he relocated to Quetta, Balochistan, where the opening of the first Pakistani television station (PTV, Quetta) in 1974 forced him to leave Karachi. During his concerts, Faiz danced barefoot and sang. Radio broadcasts of his music and vocal talents couldn’t do his performances justice. His music and melodies tended to be positive in nature. He then spent the majority of his remaining years in Quetta where he promoted Balochi folk music.

He started his carrier on Radio and Pakistan Television. He sang a lot of popular Balochi Songs, Folk Music, and Classical Music. He was the most popular Balochi Folk Musician and he is well known for his unique style of body language with great songs.

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Old History of Balochi Music 

Genuine Balochi music is different from Balochistan for a variety of reasons. One of these causes is the great distance between Balochistan and the capital as well as the previous regimes’ neglect of the underdeveloped and remote province. Another factor is that Baluchestan borders Pakistan and is inspired by both Indian and Pakistani Balochi music.

The Banjo, which has undergone numerous modifications and has become a local instrument in Pakistan’s Sind Province, is another native musical instrument in the Balochistan Province. Different Balochi tribesmen make up over 80% of the population of Sind Province. The late Lavarborji, a member of the Dashtiari Baluchi sect of Iranian Baluchistan, was the most well-known banjo player in Sind.

Real Balochi music is currently very well-liked in Balochistan. A group of songs called Sepad, which means praise, are performed after a child is born. Such melodies go on for fourteen nights as the mother gets ready to bathe her body. Only women and groups sing Sepad, which is intended to help the mother forget the discomforts she experienced during childbirth.

Best Balochi Music Free Download

Most Shabtagi melodies are sung in favor of God, the Prophet, his companions, and religious elders; they congratulate the mother and father and wish the infant health and a bright future. The Azan, the Muslim call to prayer, is officially sung into the baby’s ear during such rituals, establishing the infant as a Muslim. Shabtagi music lifts the mother’s spirits, gives her body strength, and makes her forget her labor.

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