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Farida Khanum – 100% Free Urdu Ghazals Music Download

Farida Khanum - 100% Free Urdu Ghazals Music DownloadThe most popular Pakistani Ghazals Singer Farida Khanum was a very famous Ghazals Music Artist, a great live performance given by Farida Khanum has been very well received in India. She also performed in Kabul, Afghanistan in the late 1960s and early 1970s, working with local musicians and singing Persian ghazals.

Pakistan’s Lahore is where Farida Khanum resides. She has one son and five daughters. Her niece, Sheeba Hassan, is well-known for her role in the PTV drama series Sona Chandi (1982). In Pakistan, Farida Khanum is jokingly referred to as the Queen of Ghazals.

Ghazals are customarily articulations of affection, division, and dejection, for which the Gazelle is a suitable picture. The Ghazals can be composed by male artists for ladies and additionally by female artists for men, as a declaration of one’s emotions about a shared love and whatever comes in that bundle going with delights with classical music and Ghazal in Music was sung by Farida Khanum and others.

Selected Best Farida Khanum Pakistani Ghazals Music Free Download

Pakistani Ghazals Music Singer Farida Khanum Biography

Farida Khanum was born in Calcutta in 1929 and she was a Ghazal Artist the Ghazal is a wonderful frame comprising couplets that share a rhyme and a hold-back Pakistani Songs. Each line must have a similar meter.

She was called Malika-e-Ghazal and was a great Classical Ghazals Music Artist. She created a great name in Pakistan Music and Urdu Ghazal. Her family migrated to Pakistan in 1947, and after that, she moved to Rawalpindi and started her singing career at Radio Pakistan at the young age of 13.

Farida Khanum later shifted to Lahore Pakistan and she has one son and five daughters. She performed her first public concert in 1950 and then joined Radio Pakistan and then she was very popular and she was invited by the President of Pakistan to a public recital in 1960. This great Artist breathed her last on 25 February 1982.

Farida Khanum Performance and Career 

She also started singing on Pakistan Television and other Pakistani TV Channels. Farida Khanum got Hilal-i-Imtiaz Award from the President of Pakistan in 2005 and also got the Pride of Performance Award from the President of Pakistan in 1970.

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History of Paksitani Ghazals Music 

Farida Khanum was a legendary Pakistani Ghazal in Urdu, a Folk Music Singer, and also a great Ghazals Singer of Pakistan. Etymologically, the word truly alludes to “the mortal cry of a Gazelle”. The creature is called Ghizaal, from which the English word gazelles stems, or Kastori Haran in Urdu.

The Arabic poetry of the seventh century is where the ghazal form first appeared. Due to the influence of Sufi mystics and the courts of the emerging Islamic Sultanate, the ghazal began to expand into South Asia in the 12th century and is now primarily a style of poetry in various languages of the Indian subcontinent and Turkey.

Best Pakistani Ghazals Classical Music Songs

A  Ghazal is a brief poem that is composed of rhymed couplets, also known as Bayt or Shair. The majority of ghazals have seven to twelve baits. A poem must have at least five couplets in order to be deemed a real ghazal. Almost all ghazals stick to a maximum of fifteen couplets (poems that exceed this length are more accurately considered qasidas). Ghazal couplets are anticipated to have the same meter and end with the same rhyme scheme.

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