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Ghazala Javed – 100% Free Pashto Folk Music Download

Ghazala Javed - 100% Free Pashto Folk Music DownloadGhazala Javed is a famous Pashto folk music singer. It is the primary melody sung in traditional Afghan music throughout the time of mourning and during weddings. It is very common among the Pashtuns for schoolchildren, the elderly in hujrahs, women in households, and Godar to sing it.

She began singing in 2004, and her renditions of Pashto songs quickly became quite popular. Not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan and other countries, her fantastic music and hit songs were well-known. Her most well-known songs include “Lag Rasha Kana” and “Baran De Baran De.”

The traditional Pashto melodic instruments mangai and rubab are used to sing it. Up to 16 different amicability models can be found in Tappa, which is sung by the entire ensemble. It is sung in hujrah with a sitar and a rubab. She is an expert in tappa, the most well-known and enduring form of Pashto music.

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Pashto Music Singer Ghazala Javed’s Biography

Pashto classical singer Ghazala Javed. She was a talented Pashto singer from the Swat Valley when she was born on January 1st, 1988. Later, she moved to Peshawar. She has performed outstanding Pashto songs and has made a reputation for herself in Pakistani and Pakhtoon music. She has performed Pashto Gane Pashto Hit Pashto Songs, Ghazals, and Pashto Folk Music.

Later, she became well-known and well-liked among the Pashtun people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other foreign countries as a result of their greatest songs. She also started to perform frequently on stage in Kabul and Dubai, where she gained a solid reputation. In addition to winning a Khyber Award in 2011, she was nominated for a Film Fare Award in 2010.

On June 18, 2012, gunmen on a motorcycle shot and killed Ghazala Javed and her father in a drive-by shooting. Her ex-husband, Jahangir Khan, was found guilty of killing her and her father on December 16, 2013, and was given two death sentences and fined 70 million rupees by the Swat District and Sessions Court. The verdict was overturned by the Peshawar High Court on May 22, 2014, as a result of a compromise reached between Jehangir Khan and the heirs of the two victims.

Ghazala Javed Early Life and Career and Award 

The young Ghazala and her family escaped to Peshawar in the latter part of 2007, when the Pakistani Taliban reinforced their control over Swat. They made their home in Peshawar, where Ghazala began her singing career and later cut the songs “Lag Rasha kana” and “Baran Dy Baran Dy.” Later in her career, she began singing more beautiful melodies and gained popularity among the Pashtuns in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other countries.

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How is Ghazala Javed Performing on Stage? 

She started performing in stage plays in Kabul and Dubai, where she could make between $12,000 and $15,000 per night singing at wedding receptions. Abdul Ghani Mudaqiq, the director of Radio Kabul, “She received a higher salary than any other Pashtun performer in Kabul, male or female.

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She was the most demanded and well-liked Pashto performer we had.” Her songs “Mena Ba Kawo Janana Mena Ba Kawo,” “Za Lewaney Da Mena,” “Za Da Cha Khqula Ta Fikar Wari Yem,” and “Kho Leg Rasha Rasha Kana” received favorable reviews from critics. In 2010 she was shortlisted for a Filmfare Award, and in 2011 she won a Khyber Award.

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