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Gulsher Tewno – 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

Gulsher Tewno is Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He was a mind-blowing Sindhi Music Artist, he has sung a lot of great songs in the Sindhi language. He made an exceptional name in Sindh Music.

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Gulsher Tewno - 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

He sang Sindhi Social Music, Sindhi Individuals Music, and Sindhi Set up Music. He was an inconceivable Singer and he was sung in the style of Mind-blowing Sindhi Specialist Ustad Jalal Chandio on “Yaktaro and Chapri“. 

Sindhi Classical Music Singer Gulsher Tweno Biography

He was the most famous artist who was listened to all over Sindh, and he was called the Singer of Local Area persons in Sindh. and he has influenced the artists of Sindhi Cultural Music people to listen to his Audio Cassettes, he has sung close by Mehfils at the age of his puberty and was amazingly notable soon and was one of the most mainstream Specialists in the provincial horde of Sindh. 

He made the universe of Sindhi Music and energized the gatherings of spectators with his shocking amazing in his satisfaction in singing in Sindhi Vernacular. I have picked the most famous and understood Music of Gulsher Tewno.

Gulsher Tewno  Selected Sindhi Folk Music Free Download


Download Bedard Ji Yaar Khan Tobah Zari Aa
Download Bewafa Khi Haal Dil Jo
Download Dekho Sajan Maikoon Kiya De Gaya
Download Ditham Hikro Sohno Heran Thi Wayas
Download Husen Teda Yaar
Download Kadh Aasi Meda Jani
Download Kithi Wanji Tu Wehi Rahain Mohinja Jani
Download Koila Koila Thi Wai Dilri
Download Marz Mohinji Khi Disi Khud Dawa Rowe Dino
Download Mohbabbat Jaiko Majboor Hondo
Download Mohinjo Ander Na Saarh
Download Na Ker Na Ker En Dildar Na Ker
Download Naki Paan Aaien Naki Khat Likhyo Athai
Download Raj Chha Lai Tho Rakhain Re Janib
Download Rowan Zaro Zaar Chhoray Waar
Download Safa Maar Chhoriya Tedi Judai
Download Sathi Ore Aa Sathi
Download Sohnal Hali Aa Tu Lai Siki Piyo Saah
Download Tohinji Gal Te Yaar Jani Tirr Aahi
Download Tohinjoon Galhiyoon Sajan Moo Khi Yaad Aahen
Download Wanjan Maan Keean Milan Tehan Saan

Gulsher Tewno Sindhi Lok Music Singer is from Moro, District Dadu Sindh. His super hit Sindhi Music has been conveying solace to various hearts of the society of Sindh. He was one of those unprecedented Sindhi societies.
Specialists broadened the peripheries of Sindhi Individuals’ songs by taking them to the ordinary masses. His rendering of “Sindhi Sufi Kalaams” on Yaktaro and Chapri was marvelous and used to energize and transfix a group of onlookers individuals and transport them into a substitute universe of Sindhi Music.

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