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Hamid Ali Bela – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

Hamid Ali Bela is a popular singer famous for Punjabi Sufi songs. The well-known spiritual hymns by the holy saint Shah Hussain made Hamid Ali Bela famous. Dard Wichhoray Da Haal Ni, Main Kinnu Akhan Maye Ni Meray Haal Da Mehram Tu, Rabba Meray. He began his professional life on the radio and at folk festivals before specializing in spiritual songs. A few songs by Hamid Ali Bela were also sung in movies. His first picture, 14 Saal (1968), was not a commercial success.

Hamid Ali Bela - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

His rendition of Shah Hussain’s “Sufi Kalam” was divine and used to captivate, mesmerize, and take listeners to a new planet. Pakistani-Punjabi classical music performer Hamid Ali Bela. At weddings, Shrines of the Bizrigs in Punjab, other local Mehfils, and Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television, he has performed his classical Sufi music, Arfana Kalam, and Punjabi classical music.

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Punjabi Sufi Music Artist Hamid Ali Bela Biography

Hamid Ali Bela is a singer of Punjabi folk music. He was a prominent and well-known artist in Punjab and Pakistan who made a name for himself in both that country’s music and Punjabi folk music. He was a terrific and straightforward Punjabi song performer. He was a fantastic singer who also sang in other languages like Punjabi Saraiki. In 1994, he received the Presidential Pride of Performance Award.

Abdul Shakoor Bedil, a music producer for Radio Pakistan, brought Mushtaq Hashmi and me there in the 1960s. Hamid Ali Bela, a folk singer, was presented to us. In Punjab, Hamid Ali Bela had a significant influence on Punjabi Sufi Music, Lok Music, Folk Music, and Punjabi Classical Music. He enhanced the musical landscape and mesmerized audiences with his exquisite skill.

Many people’s hearts have been comforted by his passionate performance. He is one of the few Classical Sufi Musicians who brought Sufi Songs to the general public, expanding their periphery. The legendary vocalist passed away on June 27, 2001.

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Punjabi Sufi Music Career and Performance

Bela was only passionate about singing Shah Hussain’s Kafis. It became his area of expertise. He could do the Kafis of other Sufi Saints, such as Khwaja Ghulam Fareed, so it wasn’t that he couldn’t, but he preferred singing Shah Hussain. He actually wanted to sing Ghazals as well, but his senior professionals urged him to stick to singing Shah Hussain exclusively. This decision helped him later in life when he received the Pride of Performance Award from the President of Pakistan.

The reason Bela said farewell to his love of singing ghazals is that he chose to leave this genre of music. He made this choice after listening to Mehdi Hassan. Mehdi Hassan’s specialty, in Bela’s opinion, was singing Ghazals.

Garmi-e-Hasrat-e-Nakaam Sei Jal Jaate Hain by Chiragh Hassan Hasrat was the final Ghazal Bela sang. Bela’s voice fit the mystic inclinations of the Sufis. Before Pakistan was founded, Bela was born in Amritsar, and he later moved to Pakistan.

How did Shah Hussain Kaafi and Kalam compare to Hamid Ali Bela?

In a television interview, Hamid Ali Bela recalled that as he was singing at Shah Hussain’s shrine, a Darwish approached and advised that he add the term Bela to his name since it fit his deep, meditative voice. It was an instant hit when he initially interpreted the Kafi, “Maei Ni Main Kinu Akhaan Darad Vichore Da Haal Ni” (O mother, with whom should I share the pains of losing touch with my beloved).

The intention of Shah Hussain’s lyrics for “Rabba Mere Haal Da Meham Toon,” as sung by Bela, is to enliven the spirit by exquisitely evoking the Sufi experience of annihilation. While singing such Kafis, Bela’s voice flows like water in a seamless motion. Many claims that Bela is a poet Faqir (“Beggar King” admirer).

Do Pakistani movies feature Hamid Ali Bela’s music?

Bela also spent a brief time working in the Pakistani film industry. For the movie “Chan Mahi,” he performed the duet “Saade Naal Gal Kar Pyar Di” with Zubeda Khanum. In terms of financial security, his life was a combination of highs and lows. He once strolled to the radio station. On his way, he would occasionally stop at a painter’s studio, pick up a brush, and try his hand at this kind of expression as well. When he was younger, Bela used to participate in wrestling, according to his son Sajjad Ali Bela.

Best Punjabi Sufi Music Songs Free Download

He was a genuine nomadic Darwaish. One of his followers claimed that he was a singer whose voice seemed to have sprung naturally from the deep loamy soil along the wide river banks. He had no formal instruction in singing. However, he merely enthralled the audience with his powerful, commanding, and frequently spine-tingling performances. Except for certain of his recordings in the music archive of Radio Pakistan, it is unfortunate that a large portion of his repertoire is not publicly available.

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