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Imran Niazi – 100% Free Saraiki Music Download

Imran Niazi Punjabi Saraiki Music Artist. Punjabi people’s songs show photos of occurrences from birth to death relations, and relatives additionally including the songs on different events, celebrations, and fairs. The songs by ladies speak to their delicate emotions, nature, side interests, and lower economic well-being in a restricted circle while the songs by men speak to their opportunity, quality, and perseverance. 

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Imran Niazi - 100% Free Saraiki Music Download

Saraiki Music Singer Imran Niazi Biography

Imran Niazi Saraiki is Music Singer. He is an extraordinary Punjab People’s Music Artist and he made an awesome name in Pakistan Music, Punjab Sufi Music

He is exceptionally mainstream all over Punjab and Pakistan Music. Imran Niazi is a notable Punjab People Artist and extremely well-known in Pakistan Music. Uncommonly Punjabi and Saraiki Music is extremely prevalent in all finished Pakistan. 

Punjab is well-known for Sufi Music and Arfana Kalam, and Sufi artists are exceptionally famous. Imran Niazi has sung a parcel of incredible songs social and conventional songs and we adore his mainstream melodies without fail. Imran Niazi because of his smart singing, sang part of incredible songs in the Sairaiki dialect uncommonly he got ubiquity.

He has sung in open Mehfils, Mela, Wedding services, and other city-to-city and town to town. Imran Niazi sings sad Love songs with energy and excitement and furthermore, his music goes to put influences on soul of each individual, youthful culture like his music. I have chosen Super Hit most famous Music by Imran Niazi.

Imran Niazi Saraiki Folk Music Download
Download Aao Sahelio Ni Sohnrey Zakri Tey
Download Chan Chodhveen Da
Download Dagha Dagha Vai Vai
Download Dardaan Tey
Download Dhola Rusa Bitho Sey
Download Hik Phool Kyon Mangdey
Download Itni Si Baaton Pey Lartey Nahi Jaao
Download Kamli Dunya
Download Kehrey Us Tey Sadhey Jehrey
Download Khat Likhya Aey Dholey Toon
Download Koi Kinj Dukheiy Koi Kivein Dukeiy
Download Mahi Bedardaan
Download Meda Mahiya Bahoon Sohnrey
Download Navey Saal Da June Aaya
Download Navey Saal Da June Aaya
Download Raasha Raasha Kehna Kehna
Download Sohnrey Yaar Ada Tedi
Download Taareyaan Di Chaan Hovey
Download Thak Gaiyaan Dhola Hath Jor Jor Key
Download Toon Vi Ditha Gaya Aey Dildar
Download Usey Yaar Thi Vinja Aan
Download Ve Sohnra Taan Lagsi Jey Kaley Kaprey Paa
Download Vey Dhola Thag Nila Aey
Download Vey Phool Khusboo Mangdey Aey


The people songs begin from the introduction of a youngster at that point name function, marriage, relations, relatives, and substantially more. There are numerous tunes on the distinctive phases of a marriage like Suhag, Ghorhian, Sehra, and Sithnian.

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