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Khamiso Khan Documentary – 100% Best Biography in Urdu

Khamiso Khan Documentary - 100% Best Biography in UrduKhamiso Khan Documentary documentary and complete history, he introduced Sindhi Kafis and Sindhi Kalam in Algoza Instrumental Music.

Khamiso Khan’s Algoza, a Sindhi Kalam, is still popular in the rural areas of Sindh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and abroad. which are used in classical music. It is commonly used as folk music and Punjabi folk singers like traditional music.

Jagni, Jund Mahi, and Mirza are used for playing. Khamiso Khan introduced Sindhi Kafiyon-Sindhi Kalam in Algoza Music. Khamiso Khan’s Algoza Saaz Sindhi Kalam is still popular in Sindh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and abroad, in rural areas of Sindh. Which are used in classical music.

The lyrics of Algoza are sung in the Sindhi language by the composer. And the poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (may Allah have mercy on him) and other famous poets of Sindh. Hazrat Sachal Sarmast Rehmatullah Alaihi and many other Sufi poets are also included.

Puduthambi or Jodiya Pava known as Kuchi in Gujarati is a set of wooden instruments adopted by artists of Punjabi, Sindhi, Kuchi, Rajasthani, and Baloch peoples. In the same way, it is Martian Juri. Called Pava Juri, Do Nali, Donal, Grau, Satara or Nagoz. It consists of two joined snot woodwinds. One for the tune, the other for the automaton. Two woodwinds together from Algoza. A rapid recovery of breath at each beat is a bloody one. Makes swinging music.

Khamiso Khan- Complete Documentary

It is commonly used as folk music. And Punjabi folk singers like it as traditional music. Used to play Jagni, Jund Mahi and Mirza.

Khamiso Khan Documentary was born in 1923 in Tando Muhammad Khan, Hyderabad, Sindh. He learned his art from Ustad Syed Ahmad Shah.

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The Algoza instrument is commonly used as an instrumental song in Punjab and Sindh provinces. Ustad Khamisu Khan introduced Algoza to the world. This is a pair of wooden flutes musical instrumental.

It is also a popular choice among British musicians in Rajasthan to make modern bhangra music and personalities an important tool watch the below video for the complete documentary and instrumental music on youtube.

Documentary and History Biography of Ustad Khamiso Khan 

Khamiso Khan was a legendary Algoza music artist. He sang Sindhi Kafi, and Kalam in Algoza, and made a name for himself in Sindhi music. Ustad Khamiso Khan was very popular in Algoza. This great artist passed away on March 8, 1983, in his hometown Tando Muhammad Khan Sindh with his real creator. And may Allah forgive you.

Algoza instruments are a type of music that is commonly heard and sung in Sindh and Rajasthan. It is very popular in Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan. And it was invented by Khamiso Khan.

Algoza instruments are characterized by the quality, musicality, and regularity of a particular entertainer. It is known worldwide as the Algoza Instrument.

An important part of the great Woodwind musical instrumental songs. Algoza music is a very difficult and rigorous instrument for playing songs. It consists of a pair of two Wood Wind channels. One mile and one small is a family device.

Listen and Download Khamiso Khan Algoza Music

A selection of lyrics sung by Ustad Khamiso Khan on the most popular Algoza. You can easily download it from our website Media Music Mania with just one click. The words are sung in the Sindhi language by Algoza Sindhi Saaz. And the poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai (may Allah have mercy on him) and other famous poets of Sindh.

Like Hazrat Sachal Sarmast (may Allah have mercy on him) and also the words of many Sufi poets. Paduthambi or Jodia Pava which is called in Gujarati, Kachhi. And it is a pair of wooden instruments adopted by the artists of Punjabi, Sindhi, Kachhi, Rajasthani, and Baloch people.

History of Algoza Music- Khamiso Khan Documentary

Similarly, he was jailed. Pava is called Jury, Double Groove, Donal, Grave, Star, or Nagoz. It includes two jointed softwood winds. One for lyrics, and the other for automation and instrumental tune.

Two wooden winds from Algoza at once. It is a pity that the rapid resumption of breath on each beat. Makes swinging music and also read Khamiso Khan Documentaries.

The wooden instrument used to have two woodwind funnels of the same length. However, after some time one of them was reserved for sound purposes. Algoza music can be extended to any song. It is used in the traditional and folk music of Punjab.

How Algoza is So Popular in Music?

It has also become a popular instrument in Punjabi “combination” and bhangra music. It is an important musical instrument in Rajasthani and Baloch society and listens to Khamiso Khan Documentary.

The best examples of Algoza instruments. Sindhi artist late Ustad Khamiso Khan. The late Ustad Misri Khan Jamali. And Akbar Khamiso Khan is very famous.

Garmeet Bawa is a great singer of Punjabi society who uses this instrument. Musa Gulmjat and Noor Mohammad Sodha are definitely great Pava artists and Khamiso Khan Documentary.

The Algoza instrument adopted by Sindhi Rajasthani and Baloch folk musicians is also called “Jury”, “Do Nali”, and “Satara, or Ngozi”. It is like a wooden flute and Algoza music singer Khamiso Khan Documentary and listens to Algoza relax instrumental music.

The musician plays it using three fingers on each side. It produces sound through rapid breathing. And the rapid recovery of breath on each beat produces a bouncing, swinging rhythm, and also read Khamiso Khan Documentary.

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