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Mai Noor Bano – Best 100% free Sindhi Folk Music Download

Mai Noor Bano - Best 100% free Sindhi Folk Music DownloadSindhi Lok Geet and Sindhi Folk Music Artists Mai Noor Bano are highly renowned. When we listen to songs by Mai Noor Bano, our spirits are drawn back in time. She had performed at open Mehfils, Melas, and rural region marriage rituals. Due to her communication with voice, people believed that it was the Voice of Dard. She introduced the metropolis to the village and was a huge hit on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad.

Mai Noor Bano was well-known throughout Sindh and Pakistan because of her stunning voice and popularity with Sindhi Kafiyoon, Sindhi Kalam, and Sindhi Folk Music. “Mohinja Mait Ainda Moo Khi Doray Disanda” and “Mohinje Mithren Maroen Te Kaker Chawe Kajan” were two of her biggest hits.

Her song in the Mai, singing In honor of Sindh Lok Cultural Music, Noor Bano has performed several outstanding Lok Geet songs. She has sung Sehra, Sindhi Lok Geet, Sindhi Arfana Kalam, and Super Hit Lok Geet in her own distinctive style; her endearing voice will always hold a special place in the hearts of Sindhis.

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Sindhi Folk Music Singer Mai Noor Bano Biography  

Mai Noor Bano Gopang was born in 1942 in the village of Mithu Gopng, Badin Sindh. Originally from Rip Sharif, she then moved to Talhar Sindh. She excelled at singing Sindhi Lok Geet, a type of folk music.

Ustad Mithoo Kachhi and Hayat Gopang taught Mai Noor Bano how to play the piano. In 1965, Syed Zaman Shah Rashidi gave her radio debut on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. Unfortunately, this Legendary Artist lived out her final days in a deplorable state. On February 14, 1999, she passed away in Talhar and was buried in the Hyder Shah Lakyari cemetery.

Scholars with a reputation for appreciating Sindhi music and culture were Pir Hassamuddin Shah Rashidi and Pir Ali Muhammad Shah Rashidi. They traveled to Talhar to Syed Wadal Shah Rashidi’s home. Syed Wadal Shah arranged a musical concert in their honor. It was requested that Noor Bano perform in that play.

Mai Noor Bano Career and Performance in Sindhi Music

Her innately pleasant voice greatly pleased the guests, who suggested she perform at Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. She was introduced to Radio Pakistan in the late 1960s by Pir Zaman Shah Rashidi, the son of Syed Wadal Shah. She performed “Munhnjay Marooaran Joon Boliyoon Sujanan” as her first song for Radio Pakistan. “Munhinjay Mithran Marun Tay Ala Kakar Chhanwa Kajan,” another of her hits, is still played frequently.

She sang the majority of the songs on Radio Pakistan alone, but she also collaborated with a number of well-known vocalists, including Master Muhammad Ibrahim, Mithoo Kachhi, Zarina Baloch, and Amina. She was well-known for singing the Sindhi marital songs “Lada” or “Sehra” Some of her tracks may be found in the Radio Pakistan Hyderabad music collection.

Sindhi Lok Geet and Folk Music History

The majority of “Snares” and “Waee” performances are Sindhi-speaking and originate from that country. The Baits style of music consists of gentle Sanhoon or Graham songs. Waee instrumental music is performed using a range of string instrument techniques. Waee sometimes referred to as Sindhi Kafi, and other Sindhi songs are performed by singers like Mai Noor Bano.

The Kutch Rajhastan, Punjab, and Balochistan neighboring areas are home to the Kalam and Arfana Kalam. 30 Surs, also called “Raags,” are part of the traditional groupings of Shah Jo Risalo by Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A. The main concepts of this style were organized between 1550 and 1900, which is known as the typical practice period and the melodic history during the period when traditional music was sung by singers.

History of Shah Jo Risalo Importance in Sindhi Music

The first distributions of Shah Jo Risalo frequently consisted of 36 Surs, however, most etymologists later rejected 06 Surs as their language and content. Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch is the foremost authority on the etymology of the Sindhi language.

Best Sindhi Lok Geet Songs Free Download

His 32 years of education have included coursework in Sindhi language history, culture, and society. Among the most well-known Sindhi songs are “Sindh Muhinje Amma” and “Perchan Shaal Panvar Dhola Maro Moo Saan,” both of which are melodious and well-known.

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