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Movie Aakhri Khat Songs – 100% Free Old Bollywood Music

The movie Aakhri Khat 19966 was the best movie of all time, the movie’s music was composed by Khayyam, and the lyrics were written by Kaifi Azmi. Lata Mangeshkar sang the song “Baharon Mera Jeevan Bhi Sanwaro” in the movie. In the Bollywood Guide Collections, the movie received five stars.

Movie Aakhri Khat Songs - 100% Free Old Bollywood Music

Beginning the movie with only a sketch of a script and a 15-month-old baby that he left loose throughout the city, Chetan Anand followed him while using a camera that was largely held in his hand to capture all the sounds of the city, under the cinematic direction of Jal Mistry. Despite being chosen as India’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 40th Academy Awards in 1967, the movie was not recognized as a nominee.

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Movie Aakhri Khat 1966 Trailer

Old Hindi Movie Aakhri Khat 1966 Introduction

Bollywood  Movie Aakhri Khat, which was released on December 30, 1966, is about a teenage sculptor played by Govind actor “Rajesh Khanna.” He sees Lajjo actress “Indrani Mukherjee” while traveling close to Kullu and falls hopelessly in love. In a church in the town, they secretly get married in this manner. This movie’s Bollywood songs continue to enjoy widespread acclaim.

At that moment, he must depart for the city to advance his education. The young woman learns she is pregnant in the interim. When her stepmother learns of this, she puts her up for sale for Rs. 500 and beats her.

Later, she displays a young man by the name of Buntu. Later, Lajjo brings her 1-year-old child to Mumbai to meet Govind. She needs to leave the child with him along with the note that she leaves on his doorway.

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Bollywood Old Movie Aakhri Khat Story

Govind is a young sculptor played by Rajesh Khanna. He meets Lajjo (Indrani Mukherjee) while on vacation close to Kullu and immediately falls in love. They then exchange vows in a rural temple in secrecy. Then, in order to continue his study, he must move to the city.

The girl finds out she is pregnant in the interim. When her stepmother learns about this, she forces her to be thrashed before selling her for Rs. 500. She eventually gives birth to a son she names Buntu. Later, Lajjo brings her one-year-old son to Mumbai to see Govind. She wants to leave the child with him as well and leaves a letter for him at his doorstep. She takes Buntu with her because she is unable to follow through. They continue to stray.

They continue to walk and eat anything they come across, but eventually, she passes away, leaving her boy all alone. The remainder of the movie tells the tale of the young child who gets lost in the metropolis. He leaves the house and eats whatever he can find, including a medicine that causes him to fall asleep.

He walks even further into the city after waking up. Govind learns about everything in the meantime via a letter she left behind, Aakhri Khat (Last Letter). He quickly realizes his error and attempts to locate his wife and son with the assistance of the police, but only locates his wife’s body. Later, he displays the statue of Lajjo he has maintained in his workshop to Police Inspector Naik (Manvendra Chitnis).

A man who works nearby at an orphanage then comes to the child’s rescue. He leaves that location after dark. And after spending a lot of time roaming about and getting assistance from certain people, he eventually makes it home where he discovers a statue of his missing mother and a new woman who has become his new mother.

Quotes from the 1966 Movie Aakhri Khat

In an interview, Rajesh Khanna said, “I think ‘Aakhri Khat’ is a memorable movie from my early days. It was clearly a director’s concept, and Chetan Anand, who is sensitive and innovative, directed the movie expertly. I can still clearly recall how cinematographer Jal Mistry captured me and Indrani Mukherjee in five to six close-ups while simultaneously perfectly capturing the Himalayan landscape in the song sequence “Ab Na Ja.”

Best Old Bollywood Music Free Download

The final part in “Aakhri Khat” where I remain contemplative and silent until I recognize my son, Bunty, was the most difficult for me to perform. To give my face the right pathos-oriented appearance, Chetan Anand used to call me in the middle of the night to wake me up.

Movie Aakhri Khat 1966 Main Cast 

  • Rajesh Khanna – Govind
  • Indrani Mukherjee – Lajjo
  • Master Bunty- Buntu
  • Nana Palsikar
  • Manvendra Chitnis – Inspector Naik
  • Mohan Choti – Moti (Servant)
  • Tun Tun
  • Maruti Rao
  • Naqi Jehan – Wealthy young woman
  • Bhupinder singh – singer in ‘Rut jawan’

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