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Movie Nagin Songs – 100% Free Old Bollywood Music Download

Movie Nagin 1954 was the most popular and super hit in the past. The songs from the formerly hugely successful and well-liked film Nagin are still well-liked. This movie is a romantic drama in the Hindi language that was written by Rajendra Krishan, Hameed Butt, and Bijon Bhattacharya and directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal.

Movie Nagin Songs - 100% Free Old Bollywood Music Download

Pradeep Kumar and Vyjayanthimala appear in it, and Hemant Kumar composed the popular musical composition. Technicolor was used in part to create this movie.  Additionally, it launched Vyjayanthimala’s career in the Hindi cinema industry.

Selected Best Old Movie Nagin 1954 Songs Free Download


Bollywood Old Movie Nagin 1954

Old Hindi Movie Nagin 1954 Introduction

Bollywood Old Movie Nagin 1954 was released on 5 March 1954 and Directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal this movie is two clans that are in strife for the nearby financial rights.  The little girl of the Nagi clan’s boss, Mala “Vyjayanthimala” promises to slaughter the child of the Ragi clan’s boss, Sanatan “Pradeep Kumar” as a reprisal.

This Movie was very popular in the Old-time and Bollywood Songs of this movie are still the most listening in the World. Trespassing the foe domain, she is hypnotized by the music of a woodwind (played by the performer Kalyanji Virji Shah). Coming closer, she discovers that the vocalist is Sanatan. They begin to look all starry-eyed.

Nagin 1954 was very popular in the old time and the songs of this movie were super hit at the box office. I have chosen above the most popular songs of Movie Nagin and also, Old Indian Bollywood Music download: Bollywood songs download, all-time hit Hindi songs mp3 free download, Indian mp3 songs free download, old songs Hindi mp3 download, Bollywood audio song, Bollywood songs download,  old songs Hindi mp3 download, Indian songs, Indian songs audio, Hindi song mp3 download free all, Hindi songs mp3 free download, Hindi song download, Bollywood songs download, best Bollywood songs, Hindi song mp3 download, Hindi audio song, Indian mp3 songs free download and lot more.

Old Movie Nagin 1954 Top Story 

Two Adivasi tribes, the Nagi and Ragi, are at odds over the right to use the regional economy. Mala (Vyjayanthimala), the daughter of the chief of the Nagi tribe, makes a blood oath to murder Sanatan (Pradeep Kumar), the chief of the Ragi tribe, as retaliation.

She is intruding on enemy territory when the sound of a flute captures her attention (played by the musician Kalyanji Virji Shah). She discovers when she gets closer that the player is Sanatan. Although they fall in love, they struggle to end the hostility between the two tribes and thwart Prabir’s (Jeevan) attempts to wed Mala.

Yet think that it’s hard to pacify the ill will between the two clans and to oppose the endeavors of the scoundrel Prabir “Jeevan” to wed Mala. The film’s soundtrack was made by Hemanta Mukherjee. It included thirteen tracks, including the hit “Man Dole Mera Tan Dole”, whose ” Been Old Hindi Songs”.

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This Music was performed by Kalyanji on clavioline and by Ravi on harmonium, who once worked under Hemanta Mukherjee’s course and later twisted up discernibly free music executives. It was released under E.P. likewise, L.P. gramophone records by The Gramophone Association of India, now known as Saregama.

Soundtracks Movie Nagin 1954

Hemant Kumar composed the music for the movie. It had thirteen songs, including the popular “Man Dole Mera Tan Dole,” whose “Been music” was played on the harmonium and clavioline by Kalyanji and Ravi, who had previously worked as Hemant Kumar’s assistants and are now independent music producers. It was published by The Phonograph Company of India, now known as Saregama, under the E.P. and L.P. gramophone records label. Author Rajendra Krishan is responsible for the lyrics.

Main Cast of the  Movie Nagin 1954

  • Vyjayanthimala, Mala
  • Pradeep Kumar, Sanatan
  • Jeevan, Prabir
  • Mubarak, Dhopal – The Nagi Chieftain
  • Ruby Mayer, Mala’s Mother (as Sulochana)
  • I. S. Johar
  • Krishna Kumari (Hindi Actress)
  • Hiralal

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