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Movie Shree 420 Songs – Old Bollywood Music Free Download

Movie Shree 420 popular old Comedy Blockbuster and the main character tells a policeman at the start of the film that in order to understand this universe, one must stand on their head. He points out that even brilliant leaders can end up on their heads for this reason.

This is a reference to a number of political figures from that era who enjoyed performing the yoga pose known as Shirshasana, which involves standing on one’s head. Nehru stated in his memoirs that the shirshasana was his favorite pose and that he frequently practiced it while incarcerated.

Numerous Indians developed a fondness for the patriotic song “Mera Joota Hai Japani,” in which the vocalist declares his joy in being an Indian while wearing clothing from other nations. It is frequently used, especially in Bengali novelist Mahasweta Devi’s award speech at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2006.

Movie Shree 420 Songs- Old Bollywood Music Free Download

In other nations, such as the Soviet Union, Romania, and Israel, the movie turned out to be well-liked. Because of the success of Awaara and Shree 420, Raj Kapoor was reportedly as well-liked in Russia as Jawaharlal Nehru. Israeli musician Naim Rajuan re-recorded the song “Ichak Dana Beechak Dana,” also known as “Ichikidana,” when it gained popularity there.

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Trailer Old Bollywood Movie Shree 420

Bollywood Old Comedy Hit Movie Shree 420 Introduction

Bollywood Old Movie Shree 420, this Bollywood Movie was released on 06 September 1955. The story of this film is that a national kid, Raj Kapoor, from Allahabad, goes to the huge city, of Bombay, by strolling, to acquire a living. Nargis, Nadira, and Kapoor appear in the movie. The term “Mr. 420” is an insulting term for fraud because it refers to Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, which specifies the punishment for the offense of fraud.

Raj Kapoor, an orphan who is poor but educated and moves to Bombay with ambitions of fame, is the main character of the movie. Like Kapoor’s role in his 1951 film Awaara, Kapoor’s character is influenced by Charlie Chaplin’s “little tramp.” The lyrics were written by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri, while the music was created by the Shankar Jaikishan duo.

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Top Hindi Comedy Old Movie Shree 420 Story

Old Hindi Comedy Movie Shree 420, the story is that Raj (Raj Kapoor), a village kid from Allahabad, commutes by foot to Bombay in order to make a life. Seth Sonachand Dharmanand (Nemo), an immoral businessman, and the seductive temptress Maya eventually entice him with the riches of a carefree and unethical lifestyle after he first falls in love with the poor but moral Vidya (Nargis) (Nadira). Later on, he develops into a confidence trickster, or “420,” and even engages in card cheating. Raj is not made into a good man despite Vidya’s best efforts.

In the meantime, Sonachand devises a Ponzi scheme to take advantage of the impoverished by promising them permanent dwellings for just Rs. 100. The plan is successful because people begin saving money for a home even at the expense of other crucial things. Raj is now even more despised by Vidya. Raj achieves fortune but quickly learns that it came at a very great cost. When Raj learns that Sonachand has no intention of keeping his word, he makes a decision to put things right.

Raj steals all of the mortgage paperwork for the homeowners and tries to escape Sonachand’s house, but he is apprehended by Sonachand and his henchmen. Raj is shot by Sonachand during the ensuing struggle, and he loses consciousness. People arrive after hearing the shooting to find Raj almost dead. Sonachand claims to have shot Raj because Raj was attempting to flee after taking money from his safe.

When this happens, the supposedly dead Raj comes to life and uses only logic to establish Sonachand’s guilt. While Vidya joyfully pardons Raj, Sonachand and his accomplices are taken into custody. Raj says, “Yeh 420 Nahin, Shree 420 Hain,” as the movie comes to a close. “These are not just con artists; they are honorable con artists.”

Old Comedy Movie Shree 420 Allusions

The main character’s problems are connected to section 420 of the Indian penal code, which punishes acts of theft and fraud. The name of the main character, Vidya, in Sanskrit implies knowledge, and in Maya, illusion. One of the songs in the film has the Telugu title “Ramaiya Vastavaiya,” which translates to “Lord Ram, you will come.”

Best Old Bollywood Music Free Download

The title alone is taken from a traditional Telugu song. The remainder of the song’s lyrics, as well as those of the movie, are all in Hindi. According to the legend, Raj Kapoor was overjoyed when the Telugu version of the movie Aah, 1953 was well received, and wanted to express his gratitude by including a song in the movie that started with these lines.

Movie Shree 420 Main Cast

  • Nargis as Vidya
  • Nadira as Maya
  • Raj Kapoor as Ranbir Raj / Rajkumar Saxena
  • Nemo as Seth Sonachand Dharmanand
  • Lalita Pawar as Ganga Mai
  • M. Kumar as Beggar
  • Indira Billi as Seth Sonachand Dharmanand Daughter
  • Hari Shivdasani as Philachand
  • Nana Palsikar
  • Bhudo Advani as Dharmanand’s valet
  • Pessi Patel as Pawn Shop Owner
  • Ramesh Sinha as Street Dweller

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