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Mumtaz Molai – Best 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music Download

Mumtaz Molai - Best 100% Free Sindhi Folk Music DownloadRenowned Sindhi Folk Music Artist Mumtaz Molai. He is a fantastic Sindhi musician who has performed many of the most well-known Super Hit Sindhi Songs in Sindhi. His contributions to popular Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Pop Music, and Sindhi Folk Music earned him a solid reputation in Sindhi Music.

On Kashish Sindhi Channel, Sindh TV, KTN Sindhi Channel, and other Local TV Channels in Sindh, Mumtaz Molai has enormous popularity. He is one of the few classical musicians that brought classical Sindhi songs to the general public, expanding their audience.

He used his divine interpretation of “Sindhi Kalaams” and “Sindhi Kaafis” to captivate and mesmerize listeners and transfer them to another world of Sindhi music, he is a great and famous poet of Sindh, and his poetry is sung by singers every time Radio and TV.

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Sindhi Folk Music Singer Mumtaz Molai Biography 

Mumtaz Ali Molai, his original name is Mumtaz Ali Chandio, was born in Khairpur Sindh in 1980. Due to bad financial conditions in his childhood, he worked in a tailor shop. Later he moved to Saudi Arabia and started driving. He worked for 06 years and later he returns from Saudi Arabia he started again poetry.

His poetry is very popular the first time Ustad Jalal Chandio had sung his poetry. Mumtaz Molai songs sung by Nighat Naz, and other singers, and later he started singing. He has two sons and 01 daughters. He is well character and noble person. He was called the king of Sindh in starting he got poetry in the Sindhi language and a lot of people of Sindh Love Mumtaz Molai.

Mumtaz Molai enriched the world of Sindhi’s Latest Songs and enthralled audiences with his masterful artistry in his fun of singing in the Sindhi Language. His super hit Sindhi Music has been bringing solace to many hearts of the people of Sindh.

Mumtaz Molai has sung Sindhi Cultural Songs and Super Hit Classical Music of the great poetry of Sindhi young poets and other Sindhi Sufi Poets. Mumtaz Molai has sung in Marriage ceremonies, Mela, and other local Mehfils.

Mumtaz Molai Early Life and Career in Sindhi Music

Mumtaz Molai was a member of a low-income family. He had an education growing up. And because of his poverty, he was unable to continue his education till college. His early years were incredibly challenging. He worked at both a farm and a tailor’s business, among other things. Since he was young, he had a love for poetry. He departed for Saudi Arabia to seek employment.

He resumed writing poetry after his trip to Saudi Arabia. He claimed to have collaborated with talented artists. He began writing poetry in 1990. Mukhtiar Shedi sang his first verses. After that, he kept on working as a composer and musician. Numerous singers, including the well-known Sindhi vocalist Jalal Chandio, Mukhtiar Sheedi, Shaman Ali Mirali, Fauzia Soomro, Humira Channa, Marvi Sindhu, and Nighat Naz, received his poems.

When Molai was writing poems, he claimed that the singers’ demonstrations of their wounded greatly. He was often disappointed as a result. In a performance, he was asked which is more important: life or love? Molai retorted that in his opinion, love is essential. Molai declared he would never experience romantic love again.

How Mumtaz Molai Called King of Sindh?

He elevated poetry to new heights and achieved great fame. He claimed that he would have made a good police officer if he had not penned poems. Well, this series continued, and between the ages of 17 and 18, he composed poetry. During this time, he rose to such fame throughout Sindh that everyone there became a fan.

He encountered a lot of individuals along this poetic voyage. Mumtaz Molai fell in love while on this poetic voyage. Additionally, Mumtaz Molai made him a marriage proposal. But she declined it. He, therefore, made the decision to sing in order to relieve the suffering.

It was recorded for his debut album. Because it was the voice of a true lover, it immediately gained a lot of popularity throughout Sindh. They believed his heart was broken. There were several tunes with excruciating vocals.

He rapidly rose to fame following that. Another name for Mumtaz Molai is the King of Sindh. He began by singing his own poetry, which became popular throughout Sindh. He was given the opportunity to sing in India as well, but he declined. Additionally, he sings in Dubai.

Mumtaz Molai Awards in Sindhi Music and Its Importance

Siraj Durrani, a well-known politician from Sindh, presented the first award to Mumtaz Molai in 2018. It was a large competition with many outstanding singers. which Mumtaz Molai received the honor.

Now since Mumtaz Molai is the only celebrity in Sindh, he is equally popular. He claims to have witnessed a lot of pain, some of which was brought on by poverty. Life for Mumtaz Molai is now going great. He claims that he has performed over 30,000 songs so far, which is a significant undertaking.

Best Sindhi Songs Free Download

He claimed to have recorded an album with more than 100 songs. He deserves the largest medal because singing so many songs for one album is difficult. Numerous of his songs have become hits on YouTube. Millions of people have listened to his tunes.

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