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Musarrat Nazir – 100% Free Pakistani Music Download

Pakistani singer and actress Musarrat Nazir has appeared in numerous Urdu and Punjabi movies. Years later, she continued to perform solo, mainly singing folk and wedding music.

She started singing for Radio Pakistan in the early 1950s because she had a strong interest in music. In 1955, she was introduced to the film director Anwar Kamal Pasha due to a lack of funding from the radio. She outlined to Pasha her fervent ambition to sing for motion pictures.

Musarrat Nazir - 100% Free Pakistani Music Download

Pasha recommended that she become an actress instead. Musarrat was in need of her parent’s blessing. When Pasha personally met Musarrat’s father, he persuaded him to consent to his daughter’s employment as a singer and actress in the motion picture industry.

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Pakistani Playback Singer Musarrat Nazir’s Biography

Musarrat Nazir Pakistani Artist and Actor. She was born on 13 October 1937 in Lahore Pakistan. She is a very popular actress and singer and also Film Director. She is a great  Pakistani singer and she creates a great name in Punjabi Songs.

She is a great Folk Music Singer and she had a keen interest in music and began singing for Radio Pakistan in 1950. She was born to a middle-class family.  Her parents were of Punjabi Kashmiri origin from Lahore. She played the lead role opposite Santosh Kumar in Pattan 1955.

However, insufficient money from the Radio took her to the Film Director, Anwar Kamal Pasha in 1955. She explained to Pasha about her strong desire to sing for the movies, she started work in movies with the permission of her father.

Musarrat Nazir Performance and Filmi Career

The Punjabi film “Pattan (1955),” which Sheikh Lateef of Capital Films, Lahore planned to produce. Baba Aalam Siah Posh, a poet, and scriptwriter who is a friend of Lateef suggested that Chandani (Musarrat Nazir) be cast in the movie. Asserted Sheikh Lateef. Musarrat Nazir, who went by the moniker Chandani, made his debut in Punjabi movies with this one. Then Chandani, real name Musarrat Nazir, had an appearance in the popular Punjabi movie Pattan (1955).

In Pattan, she played the lead role opposite Santosh Kumar (1955). The movie was produced by Sheikh Lateef, and Luqman was the director. Musarrat’s entry into the Punjabi cinema business was made possible by the movie Pattan, which led to her appearance in the blockbuster Patay Khan (1955).

She played a supporting role. Musarrat Nazir, Noor Jehan, and Aslam Pervaiz all played supporting roles in the movie, which was produced by actress Shammi. In those days, Sabiha Khanum, Yasmin, and Noor Jehan were her biggest acting rivals.

How Musarrat Nazir Sung as Playback Paksitani Singer?

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After that, she was called a great actress in the Pakistan Film Industry. She gave performances in Pakistan cinema’s greatest melodramas and many great movies. She got the best actress Nigar Awards in 1958, 1959, and 1962 and also the Pride of Performance Award in 1989.

She was a great actor and singer in Pakistan. She has sung and acted in many Urdu and Punjabi Movies. She also sang a solo, mostly in weddings and Pakistani Songs.  The producer was Sheikh Lateef and the film was directed by Luqman. She has given the all-time Super Hit Film “Patay Khan  1955”. She has given a great performance as a supporting actress.

Musarrat Nazir Early Life and Main Character in Pakistani Music

She has been in Canada since 1965 and is married to a doctor named Arshad Majeed. In 2005, they had three adult children. When her future husband proposed, Musarrat Nazir consented to leave her film career, which was at its height, and come to Canada with him.

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In the late 1970s, Musarrat Nazir and Arshad Majeed desired to return to Pakistan and reside in Lahore. In order to fulfill Arshad Majeed’s desire to establish a hospital in Lahore, they went ahead and purchased a house there, which they still own and manage today. Arshad Majeed gave up after spending a lot of money, months of effort, and scurrying around.

Which are the popular Films of Musarrat Nazir?

Additionally, Musarrat appeared in some of Pakistani cinema’s best melodramas, like Mahi Munda (1956) and Yakke Wali (1957).

  • Qatil (1955)
  • Pattan (1955)
  • Paatay Khan (1955)
  • Mahi Munda (1956)
  • Peengaan (1956)
  • Qismet (1956)
  • Mirza Sahiban (1956)
  • Guddi Gudda (1956)
  • Baghi (1956)
  • Baap Ka Gunah (1957)
  • Palkaan (1957)
  • Yakke Wali (1957)
  • Naya Zamana (1957)
  • Sehti (1957)
  • Jatti (1958)
  • Zehr-e-Ishq (1958)
  • Seestaan (1957)
  • Thandi Sarak (1957)
  • Aankh Ka Nasha (1957)
  • Mangol (1961)
  • Muftbar (1961)
  • Gulfam (1961)
  • Bahadur (1967)

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