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Naheed Akhtar – 100% Free Best Pakistani Music Download

Naheed Akhtar - 100% Free Best Pakistani Music DownloadNaheed Akhtar is the most well-known Urdu Ghazal singer in Pakistan. She is the most well-known singer of classical music in Pakistan. She performed in many languages while singing Pakistani Ghazals, Punjabi Folk Songs, and Pakistani Filmi Songs.

She is particularly the most well-known artist in Pakistan’s film industry. Naheed Akhtar also produced popular songs in a variety of genres, including Punjabi folk music, Qawwalis, Naats, Ghazals, and Traditional Pakistani Music.

She is a fantastic and well-known vocalist on Pakistani television and has performed in several well-known shows. A great performer in film, classical music, and ghazals is Naheed Akhtar. She has performed national songs as well, which has made her very well-recognized and well-liked among the general public.

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Pakistani Playback Singer Naheed Akhtar’s Biography¬†

Naheed Akhtar, who was born on September 26, 1956, is a talented Pakistani playback singer. She has performed in films shot in both Urdu and Punjabi, and she has built a solid reputation in the country’s music industry. Most film songs have been recorded by Naheed Akhtar, who is also one of Pakistan’s busiest cinema singers. She began her career in 1970 by performing “Raag Malhar” as a duet with Khalid Asghar at Radio Pakistan Multan.

Playback singer from Pakistan named Nahid Akhtar. The “Nightingale of Pakistan” is the name given to her. Throughout the latter half of the 1970s and 1980s, she was the best Lollywood playback vocalist. In 2007, she received three Nigar Awards and a Pride of Performance.

Naheed Akhtar Early Life and Career in Pakistani Music

She has four brothers and three sisters. She had a sister named Hameeda Akhtar who also sang. In 1986, Nahid gave up singing. Later, in 1994, she wed journalist Asif Ali Pota. Together, they have a son and a daughter. In 2017, heart arrest claimed Pota’s life.

After numerous requests from the producers of a TV show, where current and well-known singers like Shabnam Majeed and Saima Jahan performed her songs as a homage to her, Naheed Akhtar made an appearance on stage in 2013. Since 2016, she has been preoccupied with her family and kids and has not been actively pursuing a singing career.

Playback Singer Naheed Akhtar’s Performance

1970 saw the start of Nahid’s career when she performed “Raag Malhar” as a duet with Khalid Asghar at Radio Pakistan Multan. She has recorded songs in a variety of genres, such as pop, Ghazal, traditional Pakistani classical music, Punjabi folk songs, qawwalis, Naat & Hamds, & others, as well as Pakistani cinema music.

She was initially sought out to sing in movies by seasoned music director M. Ashraf in the middle of the 1970s. She didn’t have a well-known musician as her ustad (teacher), but music director M. Ashraf was crucial in developing her talent.

In the same year that her first movie, “Nanha Farishta,” was released, she also sang in the movie “Shama” (1974). Initially, it was believed in the film community that she had been introduced to take Runa Laila’s place, who had moved to Bangladesh. However, people gradually discovered that she had a distinctive, original singing style. Through the 1980s, she was prominent in the Pakistani film industry.

The most well-known songs by Naheed Akhtar in Pakistani film industries include. The singer(s) for “Aisay Mousam Mein Chup Kyun Ho,” 1974 (Film: Shama – Urdu) is Naheed Akhtar, the composer is M. Ashraf, and the poet is Taslim Fazli.

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Naheed Akhtar, M. Ashraf, and Taslim Fazli were the singers and composers of “Kisi Mehrban Nay Aa Kay Meri Zindagi Saja Di” from the 1974 Urdu film Shama. Naheed Akhtar, M. Ashraf, and Masroor Anwar were the singers and composers of “Lal Lal Honto Peh, Piya Tera Naam Hay” from the 1975 Urdu film Dil Nasheen.

In the 1975 Urdu film “Main Ho Gei Dildar Ki, Honay Lagi Chubban Pyar Ki” (Teray Meray Sapnay): Naheed Akhtar, Kemal Ahmad, and Younis Hamdad are all singers. 1975’s “Tut Turo Tara Tara” (Urdu: Mohabbat Zindgi Hay) Naheed Akhtar, M. Ashraf, and Masroor Anwar are the three singers.

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