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Nooran Lal – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

Nooran Lal - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music DownloadNooran Lal Punjab Folk Music singer artist and she has sung various sentimental stories of Heer Ranjha and Sahiba-Mirza. Punjabi Music is likewise generally utilized as a part of different life-cycle occasions in the Punjab locale. The expressive substance of a large number of these wedding songs has the fatherly home delineated as a wellspring of affection and support. Nooran Lal has sung  Punjabi Bhangra dance in various programs.

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Punjabi Folk Music Singer Nooran Lal Biography

Nooran Lal Punjabi Folk Music Singer. She has sung a lot of great Punjabi songs and also she is a great Saraiki Punjabi Classical Artist she creates a great name in Punjab Folk Music and Pakistan Music. Nooran Lal is a very popular Singer in Pakistan and she started her music career in 2001 from Pakistan Television. 

Her most popular song “Mahi Ve Sanon Bhool Na Javi “was sung by  Noor Jahan and then recorded in her voice on Pakistan Television and people liked it very much. 

Her songs are very famous on stage and stage dancers used to dance to them. Nooran Lal is a very popular Folk Music and Stage Music Artist her great talent, and she is well-known and famous among the masses. She has sung many Albums and a lot of her hit albums were released in the Market.

She enriched the world of music and enthralled audiences with his masterful artistry. Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts. I have selected below the most popular Music of Nooran Lal. 

Nooran Lal Punjabi Folk Music Download
Download Aanda Tere Lai Reshmee Roomaal
Download Aanda Tere Lai Reshmi
Download Baaoji Main Ik Aarz Karan
Download Bohta Sohran Sajjan Maghroor Honda Aey
Download Chad Jaween Na Channa
Download Dil Aashiq Tera Sajna
Download Dillon Man Lai
Download Gal Sun Meri Sohnay Yaara
Download Gori Gori Chandni Di
Download Jadon Vekhdi Holarey
Download Jadoon Holi Jai Lenda
Download Jitti Chikreen Meri Ney Khap Pai
Download Karaan Main Pyaar
Download Keewain Main Kajla Pawan
Download Koi Kar Ke Bahana
Download Mahi Wey Menoo Pyara
Download Mahiya Wey Bangla Pwa Dey
Download Mai Tey Shahad Di Bhari Hui
Download Mera Dil Channa Kach Da Khidona
Download Nahi Nachran Tere Naal
Download Ni Aaj Mera Dil Karda
Download Pyaar Naloon Pyaarey Sajna
Download Sanu Neher Waley Pul Tey
Download Tere Bajon Dil Mera
Download Tere Sadqey Wey Dildra
Download Tu Milain Kadi Kadi
Download Vey Tu Qarar Mera Pyaar


Nooran Lal was born on 17 June 1978 in Lahore. Punjab Music is frequently seen as the customary music of Punjab and commonly has a public origin. This part of people’s music has moved with time yet the more established classifications of society.


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