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Qadir Bux Mitho – 100% Free Sindhi Comedy Download

A comedian from Sindh named Qadir Bux Mithoo, occasionally mimics the sounds of different pets as part of his performance. He has appeared in a number of shows on PTV, KTN, and Sindh TV, as well as in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mitho played at the Sindh Festival in Karachi in 2014, which was announced by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He appeared at the Keenjhar Melo.

Qadir Bux Mitho is a Comedian from Sindh. His act sometimes includes making sounds of various animals from his mouth. He has performed in various programs on Radio Pakistan, Local TV Channels and he has also performed shows in foreign countries.

Qadir Bux Mitho - 100% Free Sindhi Comedy Download

In 2014, he performed well at Sindh Festival in Karachi Sindh.  He performed in Keenjhar Melo and other local shows. Qadir Bux Mithoo is Sindhi Stand up Comedian given a great performance in Jashan-e-Latif was held in Khairpur in 2006. He is well entertained the audience with jokes all time.

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Qadir Bux Mithoo Sindhi Comedy Actor Biography

Qadir Bux Mitho is a Sindhi comedian and actor from Hyderabad, Sindh. His real name is Qadir Bux Rind. A very well-known and talented Pakistani Sindhi comedian from Sindh, Qadir Bux Mithoo. He is particularly well known for his acting, which occasionally includes mimicking the sounds of numerous pets. He has appeared in a variety of shows on regional television networks like Pakistan Television, KTN, Sindh TV, and other regional television networks that air Sindhi comedy jokes.

He has also done shows in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other nations. In Sindh, Qadir Bux Mithoo performed at numerous Sindhi functions, Melas, and mehfils. He participated in Lok Jashans and other shows in Sindh at various locations. The talented actor and comedian Qadir Bux Mithoo has performed successfully throughout Sindh in several private local events, on his cassettes, and in Sindhi drama.

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These two conflicting sides were portrayed by Northrop Frye as a “Society of Youth” and a “Society of the Old.” An updated perspective describes the central conflict of comedy as a conflict between a relatively helpless young person and the social mores that stand in the way of his aspirations. The teenager is then confined in this struggle by his lack of social power and is left with little alternative but to turn toruses that produce dramatic irony and laughter.

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Satire and political satire employ humor to make fun of people or social structures and distance their audience from the subject of their amusement. Popular genres and styles are subverted through parody, which critiques them without necessarily condemning them.

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