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Qamar Soomro – 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download

Qamar Soomro Sindhi Classical Music Singer is a very popular Sindhi artist. He was the most popular Sindhi Folk Music Singer, he has sung a lot of great songs in the Sindhi and Saraiki languages.

Qamar Soomro was the most unavoidable Standard Predictable Sindhi Old Classical Music Artist and he was a magnificent astounding Sindhi Folk Music Singer, he made a striking name in Sindh Folk Music.

Qamar Soomro - 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download

Qamar Soomro had expected an astounding part in unavoidable Sindhi Cultural Music, Sindhi Old Traditional Music, and Sindhi  Lok Music in Sindh.  I have selected some Hit Songs of the Artist and still, we are trying to search for more songs and about the profession of the Artist. 

Qamar Soomro has sung “Sindhi songs” as surprising poetry of unavoidable Sindhi poets. He was an astonishing Old Sindhi Standard Music Singer of Sindh and he sang on the Mela, Open Mehfils. He has sung the poetry of Sindhi Sufi Buzrigs, such as  Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A, and others. I have picked up below most standard Sindhi Music of  Qamar Soomro.

Qamar Soomro – Sindhi Classical Music Free Download
Download Aao Keean Saij Sumhan
Download Piyaro Piyaro Soor Daee Wayo
Download Tohinje Hijer Firaq Mai


Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Qamar Soomro

He started his Music Career from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and he re-established the universe of Sindhi Music and enchanted the social occasions of spectators with his undeniable character-blowing.

His central accumulation has been passing on comfort to different hearts. He is one of those extraordinary setup performers who raised the peripheries of Sindhi Standard Music, Sindhi Lok Music by taking it to the common masses. His rendering of “Sindhi Kaafis” and “Sindhi Kalams” was mind-blowing and used to interface with and transfix the get-together of the peoples of Sindh.

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