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Sain Akhtar – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

The most popular Punjabi Music Artist Sain Akhtar, is a renowned Playback Music singer. With his superb artistry, he enhanced the genre of Classical Sufi Songs and mesmerized audiences. Sai Akhtar is a Pakistani from Punjab. He was a talented singer in Pakistan who sang a variety of excellent Lok songs in Punjabi, Saraiki, Urdu, Punjabi Sufi Kalam, Punjabi Arfana, and other languages.

Sain Akhtar - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download

He has performed a few songs for Pakistani movies. Many hearts have found comfort in Sain Akhtar’s passionate performance. He is one of the few Classical Sufi Musicians who brought Sufi and Classical Songs to the general public, expanding their boundaries.

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Pakistani Punjabi Sufi Music Artist Sain Akhtar’s Biography

Sain Akhtar Punjabi Folk Music Singer and was born in Amritsar in 1920. He was a great Punjabi Sufi  Music Singer, he create a great name in Pakistani Folk Music. Sain Akhtar started his great Music lifestyle in Punjabi theaters and Punjabi Songs.

He sang a lot of songs with Popular Punjabi Music Singers as Punjabi songs. He started singing in a lot of Punjabi Movies such as, “Film Ishq Par Zoor Nahi” and others, and also he has sung a lot of super hits of Sufi Cultural Music of Punjab.

Sain Akthar belongs to a Poor Family and he passed his life in poverty. He was a great singer and a simple man and he was called a Sufi Man. He played a great role in popular Punjabi Classical Music, Lok Music, and Folk Music all across Punjab and died on June 16, 1987, in Lahore.

Sain Akhtar’s Musical Performance in Punjabi Folk Music

Sai Akhtar Punjabi Sufi Folk Music Singer was very popular. I have selected below the most popular Music of Sai Akhtar Punjabi Sufi Music Download, Punjabi folk music history, top Punjabi folk songs, best folk songs Punjabi, traditional songs Punjabi, traditional Punjabi folk songs,  Sufiana Kalam, free Punjabi folk songs, Punjabi Sufi songs download, mp3 Punjabi Sufi Songs download, Sufi Music mp3 download.

Sain Akhtar is primarily known for the timeless song “Allap.” The song “Kisi Say Koi Pyar Na Karay” is Dil Deta Hay Ro Ro Duhai. (from the 1963 film Ishq Par Zor Nahin). He was mostly a folk singer who performed Kafies and other folk songs on Urs of revered Saints. In numerous cinema songs, qawwali, and Dhamals, he performed his well-known Allap.

In several songs, including those by Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Saleem Raza, Munir Hussain, Ahmad Rushdi, and Masood Rana, he served as a co-singer and the following songs are very popular.

  • Na Milta Gar Yeh Touba Ka Sahara, Ham Kahan Jatay. (film Touba – 1964)
  • Daata Meray, Jholi Bhar Day, Main Sawali Teray Dar Ka. (film Moajza – 1966)
  • Saathi, Tera Mera Sathi Hay Lehrata Sumandar. (film Samundar – 1968)
  • Lal Meri Patt Rakhio Bala, Jhoolay Lalan. (film Veryam – 1969)

History of Old Punjabi Folk and Sufi Music

Punjabi Folk Music is regional music created on regional instruments such as the Tumba, Algoza, Dhadd, sarangi, Chimta, and others. Folk songs are available for many types of events, from birth to death, including weddings, festivals, fairs, and religious ceremonies.

Folk music, which often has communal authorship, is frequently recognized as Punjab’s traditional music. The older categories of folk music start with the Dhadi genre, which does adhere to concepts of collective authorship, though this component of folk music has changed through time.

The countless ballads of the fabled romance tales of Hir-Ranjha and Sahiba-Mirza serve as an example of the folk Dhadi genre’s emphasis on stories of bravery and love. In the Punjab region, folk music is frequently played throughout various life-cycle events.

Best Punjabi Sufi Music Free Download

Family members, friends, and professional folk musicians play various sets of folk songs throughout practically every wedding ceremony. These songs often use nostalgic themes from the past to convey themes of separation, joy, fear, and hope in the present.

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