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Sardar Ali Takkar – 100% Free Pashto Folk Music Download

Sardar Ali Takkar - 100% Free Pashto Folk Music DownloadSardar Ali Takkar is a well-known Pakistani Pashto singer who specializes in Ghani Khan’s poetry. Takkar is a Pakistani graduate of the University of Engineering and Technology.

The Pride of Performance Award was given to him by the President of Pakistan in appreciation of his contributions to the music industry. Takkar received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Award on March 23, 2019, in recognition of his “services rendered for Pashto music.” The Pakistani President gave it to him.

This includes the valor and bravery of incredible individuals and occasionally expresses romantic feelings in Pashto music. At least two singers perform the song’s characteristically fast beat, with one singer singing the melody’s main line and the others singing Sardar Ali Takkar Tapay’s leftover lines.

By profession, he is a mechanical engineer, and he graduated from Pakistan’s University of Engineering and Technology in Peshawar. in praise of his management of the music industry. The President of Pakistan expressed pride in his performance.

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Singer of Pashto Classical Music Sardar Ali Takkar Biography

Sardar Ali Takkar Pashto Singer was born on  15 July 1956. He is an extraordinary Pashto Music Singer, he made a decent name in Pakistan Music. He is extraordinary Pashto Folk Music, Classical Music, and Ghazals artist, he is generally mainstream for singing the extreme verse of Ghani Khan.

He got a program for a youthful age named “Zalmey Kool” which used to communicate from Radio Pakistan. Sardar Ali Takkar interestingly played various instruments as well as sang two mainstream Pashto Ghazals in that program and he likewise performed on Pakistan Television Vision. The singing or recitation of a Charbetta is called Tang Takore. Generally, Charbetta is begun soon after the completion of a Tappa.

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Early life and musical career of Sardar Ali Takkar

He had more opportunities to showcase his secret potential during his time in college. He initially demonstrated his abilities in front of his buddies during various musical events at the University. However, Yar Muhammad Maghmum, a professor at the illustrious Edwardes College in Peshawar, wanted to spend an evening with the renowned poet and philosopher Ghani Khan in 1982, but he was unable to find a singer who was up to the task of setting Ghani’s poetry to music. Quaid Muhammad Khan (Manki Sharif), one of his students, was able to alert Takkar to this circumstance.

Takkar consented to sing in that show after learning of it. Some people also made audio cassette recordings of this program, which gained enough notoriety for music retailers to start routinely selling them. By doing this, his debut album which was solely inspired by Ghani Khan’s poetry accidentally made it to the market. When Malala Yousafzai received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, he performed at the Oslo ceremony. His song focused on encouraging girls’ education. He has been a global broadcaster for Voice of America since 2010.

Performance of Sardar Ali Takkar Ghazals in Musical History

Back then, Radio Pakistan used to air a youth-oriented program called “Zalmey Kool” (Young Generation). Takkar performed on a variety of instruments and sang two ghazals at that show for the first time. He then had the chance to record a show at the Pakistan Television Vision Peshawar Center (PTV).

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Takkar departed for Afghanistan in 1984. His time in Afghanistan gave him the opportunity to learn how to sing other types of Pashto music, and the fame he gained there helped him get fame at home. The Pakistani government presented him with the “Presidential Award for Pride of Performance” in honor of his immeasurable contributions to Pashto music. He has also received numerous accolades and certificates from various cultural institutions.

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