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Seengar Ali Saleem – 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music

Seengar Ali Saleem - 100% Free Sindhi Classical MusicSinger of Sindhi classical music Seengar Ali Saleem. He was a talented performer of Sindhi classical music. He was a well-known Sindhi artist who made a name for himself in the region’s music. Singer in Sindhi Seengar Ali Saleem was a renowned singer of Sindhi classical music and Sindhi Sufi music. He was also a prominent Sindhi artist of traditional Sindhi songs.

Significantly to the popularity of Sindhi music in Sindh and Pakistan, Seengar Ali Saleem was involved. He was a highly well-liked vocalist in Sindh. Seegar Ali Saleem has played Sindhi folk music on Pakistani Radio and TV.

Seengar Ali Saleem was hailed as a famous performer of Sindhi Sufi Music for his contributions to the musical world and his ability to captivate audiences with his superb skill. I’ve included some of Seengar Ali Saleem’s most well-known Sindhi Sufi music here below.

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Sindhi Classical Music Singer Seengar Ali Saleem Biography  

One of the exceptional classical musicians, Seengar Ali Saleem was a poet and a master of Sindhi music. He was born and raised in Takkar Para Sukhar Sindh. He wrote the songs sung by Abida Parveen, Sajjad Ali, and other artists, as well as Sidhi’s music and poetry. “Dama Ya Ali Hayder,” “Daman Lagi Aa Moula.” And Madam Noor Jahan performed “Jama-e-Qalander,” a poem-based Sufi song.

This brilliant, iconic Sindhi artist lived out his final days in abject poverty, while his family members in Sukkur Sindh endured a very trying time. Sadly, this accomplished Legendary artist passed away on August 15, 2004, and was laid to rest at the cemetery of his ancestors.

Seengar Ali Saleem Performance in Sindh Classical Music 

He is still regarded as the greatest Ustad of Sindhi Classical Music. His poems and melodies, including “Saday Veray Aaya Ker,” “Keha Yaar Prem,” and “Derdan Dil Azari Sain,” are among the most well-known and well-loved.

He is known as the “master of Sindhi Classical Music” and is a faqeer man and a noble person who brought classical music to the general public, expanding its sphere of influence. His music travels to communities from town to town; Seengar Ali Saleem’s rendition of Kalaams, Kaafis, was divine and used to mesmerize and transfix listeners, transporting them into another realm.

The excellent poetry of renowned Sindhi poets was performed by Seengar Ali Saleem as “Sufi Songs.” Many people have found comfort in Seengar Ali Saleem’s soulful performance. Due to the popularity of his Sufi songs, Seengar Ali Saleem has previously performed in open Sufi Mehfils. Lal Hussain Shah Souz, a Sindhi Sufi poet, is the subject of several of his excellent songs.

Old History of Sindhi Classical Music 

Although the term “classical music” is frequently used to broadly refer to orchestral music from a few centuries ago, it has a particular historical context and features that set it apart from other musical genres. The best way to characterize classical music is as European music with balance, elegance, and homophonic textures that were created between around 1750 and 1830. (one main melody accompanied by other harmonic parts).  Classical Music in Sindh was so old and it is started from Moen Jo Daro’s history, At that time music also listened to in his old style.

The Baroque style predominated before the classical era (1600 to 1750). The dramatic, energizing, and contrasting compositions of the Baroque style are well known. Johann Sebastian Bach was the most well-known composer of that time. Following his passing, the musical idiom changed to a classical one, which is said to be a response to baroque music. Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan, Seengar Ali Saleem, Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim, and others composed Sindhi Classical Music and sang with their own style, and they introduced Sindhi Classical music.

Unexpectedly, classical music is perhaps more common than we might think. In fact, it can be heard everywhere these days, whether it be as theme and background music on television, or in restaurants, supermarkets, elevators, and for advertising. A lot of film music either uses the “classical” tradition directly or draws inspiration from it; a good example of the former is “2001.

Best Sindhi Classical Music Free Download

Space Odyssey,” and a good example of the latter is the numerous scores John Williams has recently written for such blockbusters as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies. Sindhi Classical Music was composed by Seegar Ali Saleem in Sufi Style with his own poetry, later Sindhi Classical music was introduced on Algoza, Yaktaro, and Chapri, first time sung by Ustad Jalal Chandio, and other Sufi Singers such as Hussain Bux Khadim, Faqeer Amir Bux Kaloi, Sohrab Faqeer, Allan Faqeer, and others.

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