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Shabnam Majeed – 100% Free Pakistani Songs Download

Shabnam Majeed performers and female artists hold open shows for the two men and ladies. For confirmation, one can simply read the artist name records on this page to detect a great deal of female names on those rundowns now. Shabnam Majeed is very famous all over Pakistan due to his own great singing style and she is a great Pop Music Singer. 

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Shabnam Majeed - 100% Free Pakistani Songs Download

Pakistani Classical Music Singer Shabnam Majeed Biography

Shabnam Majeed Pakistani Singer. She is the most famous Pakistani  Filmi Singer, she creates a great name in Pakistan MusicShe is well known due to his typical style of her singing.  She is a talented Artist from Pakistan and the Province of Punjab, she got worldwide fame through his remix song “Dil Cheez Hai Kya“. She is a successful singer in Pakistan and she got a lot of popularity in a short period of time. 

She has a very sweet voice and people like her great songs. She has sung as a playback singer in the movie “Jo Dar Gaya Wo Mer Gaya“. She is the singer new generation of Pakistan and she is very popular with the young generation of Pakistan and also very popular with both girls and guys equally. 

She has performed as a Classical Music Singer, and Ghazals Artist and she has sung Folk Music, Filmi Music, Pop Music, and also other super hit songs. She has sung on many Albums, her hit albums are “Ronde Ne Nain Nimare” and “Larki Punjapan“. I have selected below the most popular Music of  Shabnam Majeed. 

Shabnam Majeed Pakistani Folk Music Download 
Download Aae Basant Bahar
Download Agar Teri Aankhon Main
Download Allah Nigheban Hai
Download Chandni Raaten
Download Dil Cheez Bally Sagoo
Download Dil Yeh Tujh Pe Sanam
Download Gal Sun Ve
Download Gal Sun Way Feat MC Nas
Download Jai Tu Chad Gai
Download Jind Mere
Download Kabhi Palkon Ko Uthana
Download La Phir Ik Baar
Download Lak Tro Tro
Download Lak Tunu Tunu Feat Cheshire Cat
Download Lare Lappe Lare Lappe
Download Mera Dil
Download Munda Sohne Rang Da
Download Munda Tere Jeha
Download Nit Khair Manga
Download Qadmon Mein Tere
Download Saiyan Bolain
Download Takna Takna Nahin Chaida
Download Teri ek Nazar Ke Hisaar Mai
Download Tum Bin Jiya Bally Sagoo
Download Woh Raat Phir Aai Nahin


Shabnam Majeed Pakistani Singer. She enriched the world of music and enthralled audiences with his masterful artistry. Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts. Ladies are typically barred from Conventional Muslim Music as “respectable ladies” are customarily restricted from singing.

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