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Suraiya Multanikar – 100% Free Pakistani Urdu Ghazals

Suraiya Multanikar - 100% Free Pakistani Urdu GhazalsSuraiya Multanikar is the most well-known performer of Ghazals in Pakistan. She is now the most well-known Pakistani singer because of her Urdu ghazals. She is well known for her proficiency in classical, semi-classical, ghazal, and folk music and has performed Pakistani cinema music. Numerous awards were given to her, including the Sitara-i-Imtiaz Award from the President of Pakistan in 2008.

The entire public knows and adores Suraiya Multanikar for her extraordinary talent. She expanded the scope of Punjabi traditional music, and his brilliant artistry enthralled audiences. Her outstanding performance brought comfort to the hearts of many individuals.

One of the most well-known singers from Pakistan, Suraiya Multanikar is well-versed in film music and Pakistani ghazals. Her super hit songs include “Bare Be Murawwat Hain Yeh Husn Walay” and “Kahin Dil Laganey Ki Koshish Na Karna.” I’ve chosen here Suraiya Multanikar’s most well-known Pakistani songs.

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Suraiya Multanikar Popular Pakistani Singer Biography 

In Multan, Pakistan, Suraiya Multanikar was born in 1940. She established a solid reputation in Pakistani music and is a fantastic singer of folk music. She has performed numerous Classical, Semi-Classical, and Super Hit Ghazals songs in addition to well-known Filmi songs. Suraiya Multanikar began singing when she was a little child.

She performs classical, semi-classical, ghazal, folk, and movie songs, among other genres. She began singing songs by seasoned Pakistani songwriters Niaz Hussain Shami and Abdul Haq Qureshi on the radio at the age of 15. She drew inspiration for her singing career from the works of Roshan Ara Begum, Mehdi Hassan, Bade Fateh Ali Khan of the Patiala gharana, and Ustad Salamat Ali Khan of the Sham Chaurasia gharana.

Suraiya Multanikar Career and Early Life

In Punjab’s Multan, Multanikar was born. Her desire to succeed as a singer has been present since she was a young child. Nobody in her immediate family was able to guide or instruct her. She so taught herself by listening to and imitating the tunes and lyrics of movie songs during her formative years. Later, she officially started studying with sarangi player Ghulam Nabi Khan of the Delhi Gharana of classical music.

From oldest to youngest, Multanikar is the father of seven kids: Ramzan Ali, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in the UK; Muhammad Ali; Ruqaiya Sajjad; Shaista; Rabia; Aalia; and Rahat Bano. Like her mother, Rahat Multanikar, her youngest child, is a folk singer.

Suraiya Multanikar Playback Singer Career in Pakistani Films

The playback singing career of Multanikar was brief.¬† She became well-known for her song from the Pakistani film Badnaam, “Bare Be Murawwat Hain Yeh Husn Walay,” penned by Masroor Anwar and with music by Deebo Bhattacharya (1966).

History of Urdu Ghazals and Their Importance in Music

A literary form of the ghazal that is exclusive to South Asia is the “Urdu Ghazal, Shayari, Poetry.” The ghazal is frequently attributed to the influence of Sufi mystics and the Delhi Sultanate, which extended the genre to South Asia.

Poetry of the ghazal genre has its roots in Arabic and Persian literature. The Arabic word for “flower” is where the term “ghazal” comes from. Ghazals are typically cherished poems, but they can also cover other subjects like nature or spirituality.

Ghazals are couplet poems with rhyming lines within each couplet. Each couplet typically has a first and second line with the same meter and a third and fourth line with a different meter. In contrast to the remainder of the poem, the concluding couplet frequently features a different rhyme pattern.

The radius, or regular phrases, are common in ghazals. These radios can be single letters, words, or even entire lines. Throughout the poem, the author may reference the same radio many times. One of the oldest and most varied literary genres in existence is Urdu poetry.

Best Pakistani Ghazals Music Free Download

People from different cultures have always liked it because of its long history and traditions. Urdu poetry is still widely read today, and several of these writers are recognized for producing exquisite work.

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