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Tahira Syed – 100% Free Pakistani Best Ghazals Music

Tahira Syed is well-known and famous among the masses. She has sung many Albums, enriched the world of music, and enthralled audiences with her masterful artistry. Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts.

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Tahira Syed - 100% Free Pakistani Best Ghazals Music

Pakistani Ghazal Singer Tahira Syed Biography

Tahira Syed Pakistani Ghazal Singer. She is a great Classical Music Artist of Pakistan, and she has sung lot of great songs she creates great name in Pakistan MusicShe has sung hit songs in Urdu and Punjabi language. 
Her famous songs such as  “Yeh Alam Shauq Ka Dekha na Jaey“, “Chanjar Phabdi Na Mutiar Bina” and “Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon” in the tenure of 1970 to 1980.  

She is best Classical Music, Pakistani Folk Music and Ghazal Singer of Pakistan. She has received  various Musical Awards in recognition of her achievements as a singer. In April 1985, she appeared on the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

She has received Pakistan Television Lifetime Achievement Award and also received the Pride of Performance Award from President of Pakistan on 23 March 2013 and also  she won the Nigar Award for Best Female Playback Singer. I have selected below most popular  Music of  Tahira Syed. 

Tahira Syed Pakistani Ghazals Songs Download
Download Allah Allah Karya Karo
Download Apna Her Andaz
Download Awwal Shab Woh
Download Bezubani Zuban Na Ho
Download Channa Way Teri Channi
Download Iss Dam Da Ki Bharwasa
Download Kharee Neem Ke Neechay
Download Kakli Kaleer Di
Download Main Kamli Diyan
Download Mehindi Se Likh Do
Download Raat Nashili Hai
Download Tu Chunni Le Surmi
Download Woh Ajnabi Tha
Download Woh Baatain Tere
Download Woh Kehte Hain
Download Ye Mehfil Jo Aaj


Tahira Syed was born on 1958 in Lahore Pakistan, she is great Folk Music and Ghazals Singer, she has performed well in Pakistan and foreign countries and she is most demanded Ghazals Artist of Pakistan. Tahira Syed got her initial Music training from Khan Sahib Akhtar Hussain. She started singing in 1968 in Radio Pakistan and also on Pakistan TelevisionTahira Syed was very popular due to her great talent. 


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