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Tina Sani – 100% Free Best Pakistani Ghazals Music Download

Tina Sani - 100% Free Best Pakistani Ghazals Music DownloadThe most well-known and legendary Pakistani singer is Tina Sani. She is the most well-known singer of Urdu Ghazals and classical music in Pakistan. She has performed Super Hit Pakistani songs in a variety of tongues. She develops her unique vocal style, excels in classical, folk, and semi-classical music, and is a well-known Ghazal Singer in Pakistan.

With her excellent talent, Tina Sani gained a lot of popularity and is well-known and well-loved by the general public. She has contributed to numerous albums and Punjabi songs, enlarging the musical canon and captivating listeners with her brilliant talent.

Many people’s hearts have been comforted by her wonderful performance. In 2004, she received the Pakistani President’s Pride of Performance Award. In 2016, Tina Sani participated in the Lahore music meet. I’ve chosen some of Tina Sani’s most well-known Super Hit Classical Music here.

Selected Best Tina Sani Pakistani Ghazals Music Free Download

Pakistani Ghazals Music Singer Tina Sani’s Biography¬†

Tina Sani, a talented singer of folk music and ghazals, was born in Dhaka during the time of East Pakistan. She made a reputation for herself in Pakistani and Punjabi folk music. Khan Ustad Nizamuddin Khan, the son of Ustad Ramzan Khan of the Dehli Gharana and Ustad Chand Amrohvi, provided Tina Sani with her earliest musical tuition.

Her father, Nasir Sahni, worked for an oil firm in Kabul for a few years until the family relocated to Karachi, where she later pursued a career in commercial art after graduating from the Karachi American School. Ustad Nizamuddin Khan, the son of Ustad Ramzan Khan of the Delhi Gharana and Ustad Chand Amrohvi, instructed her in classical music. Tina also received specialized instruction from Mehdi Hassan, a master of ghazals.

When Tina Sani was first featured on television in the children’s program “Tarang” in 1980, producer Ishrat Ansari launched her into the realm of professional singing. In a class called “Classical Music Appreciation,” she talked about her musical path.

Tina Sani’s Musical Career and Early Life

In 1977, Tina Sani started working for a marketing firm. She participated in every creative facet of the advertising industry, including hearing and assessing the music that is an essential component of advertising. Additionally, Tina was an art teacher at the Karachi American School.

She had her professional singing debut in 1980 when producer Ishrat Ansari presented her on television in the youth program “Tarang,” which was hosted by Alamgir.

Why Tina Sani Popular Ghazals Artists and Their Importance in Music?

She drew inspiration from well-known South Asian ghazal singers like Mehdi Hassan, Malika Pukhraj, Begum Akhtar, Mukhtar Begum, and Farida Khanum but developed her own vocal style. She achieved great success in Pakistan and India by performing poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

The songs are notably famous “Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain Terry and Bahaar Aayi”, which were both written by Arshad Mehmood. She is equally at home singing the works of renowned poets like Zauq, Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, and Jalaluddin Rumi as she is performing poetry by modern writers.

Her performance of “Shikwa Jawab-e-Azam” by Iqbal, has received excellent reviews for Shikwa, which is still the longest poem she has ever sung. More recently, Tina Sani sang Mathnavi’s opening verses by Rumi for Coke Studio (Pakistan) in order to translate the Persian poetry of the mystic poet from the 13th century into Urdu.

Tina Sani participated in the 2016 Lahore Music Meet. In a class called “Classical Music Appreciation,” she talked about her musical path. Sani also spoke on the present circumstances and the absence of classical music in the Pakistani music scene. She admired how television had helped them continue their musical training.

Best Pakistani Ghazals Music Free Download

She has performed on numerous songs for Pakistani TV shows and movies, including the theme song for the serial opera “Choti Si Ghalat Fehmi” on Hum TV and “Khush Piya Wassen” by Ho Mann Jahan. She has also performed the theme song for the PTV television shows “Moorat,” “Bari Aapa,” and “Bahu Begum” on ARY Zindagi.

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