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Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan – 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music

Sindhi Classical Music Artist Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan was a famous musician. Because the ruling Talpurs, who were huge fans of Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan’s music, moved from Gurdaspur, Punjab, British India, to Khairpur, Sindh, where they settled. The family moved to Shikarpur shortly after that. He completed his secondary education there before moving to Tando Adam Khan in 1940 along with his father.

Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan - 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music

He attended musical events in Sindh and India thanks to his parents. In Pakistan, he was a master at singing “Thappo,” a type of Sindhi folk music and classical music. Numerous compositions of Indian, local, classical, and semi-classical music were created by Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan. His native language was Punjabi, but he also spoke and wrote Sindhi. His children were educated in Sindhi as well.

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Sindhi Classical Music Singer Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Biography

Legendary Sindhi classical singer Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan. In Pakistan’s Shikarpur Sindh, he was born in 1922. He was a master of Sindhi classical music and was known as Sindhi Mousiqui’s “Ustad.” He established himself as a leading figure in Sindhi songwriting and was the first classical musician of the 20th century to be familiar with the regional classical music of Sindh, Pakistan, and the entire subcontinent.

He was a member of the Gwalior Gharana, a musical dynasty with a long history in India, which produced classical music artists. Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan received musical instruction from both his father, Ustad Jamalo Khan and Ustad Seendo Khan.

His performance of “Sindhi Kalam” and “Sindhi Kaafis” was divine and used to mesmerize and transfix listeners and take them into a new universe. He is one of those rare classical musicians who broadened the peripheries of classical songs by bringing them to the general people. The famous Sindhi artist passed away on September 9, 1980.

The Contribution of Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan to Sindhi Classical Music

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He composed and sang great poetry of Hazrat  Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai R.A in all forms. He taught many young aspiring Sindhi students the art of classical singing and through his efforts, he revolutionized the Sindhi Cultural Old Music and Historical Music.  In an homage to Manzoor Ali Khan in December 2010, Sindh Minister for Culture Sassui Palijo referred to him as the emblem and essence of Sindhi classical music.

Ghous Ali Shah, a former chief minister of Sindh, has long been a supporter of Manzoor Ali Khan. He remarked that he would never forget Manzoor Ali Khan’s outstanding performance at the wedding of Naseem Kharal, a renowned short story writer, and his brother. Additionally, he claimed that Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and the poetry of nearly all Sindhi Sufi poets could be sung by Manzoor Ali Khan with comparable ability.

Early Life and Career Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan

Manzoor Ali Khan studied music with his father, Jamalo Khan, and Seendho Khan, another artist. He attended musical events in Sindh and Punjab thanks to his parents. He was a master of Pakistani classical music known as “Tappa.” He created a number of compositions.

He wrote and performed all of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry. Since 1955, he has performed at Pakistan Television Corporation’s Karachi center as well as Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation’s Karachi and Hyderabad stations. The volumes of his programs have been distributed by numerous cassette firms.

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Multiple honors were given to Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan. At the Urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai in 1960, Makhdoom Talib ul Mola bestowed upon him the title of “Bahar-e-Moseeqi.” In 1978, the Pakistani government gave him the “Tamgha-e-Husne Karkardagi” (Pride of Performance) medal.

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