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Zarsanga - 100% Free Pashto Folk Music DownloadLegendary Pashto Music singer Zarsanga started her singing career by performing for Radio Peshawar and a few television shows. She later performed in Europe, the US, and the UAE. She has had a long career as a performer and vocalist, earning the titles “The Queen Of Pashtun Folklore” and “Pride of Performance Award.”

She was a great Artist and master in Tappa a formation of two unequal meters, in which the essential line is shorter than the succeeding one, yet it reflects each and every human inclination and desires luxuriously. Be it specialists, workers, or women all suppositions find verbalization in the Tappa Pashto Songs. It is also ordinary among the Pashtuns that a child of school would sing it, the seniors in their hurrahs, the women in their homes, and Godar alike.

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Pashto Folk Music Singer Zarsanga Biography

Zarsanga Pashto Music Artist was born in 1946 in Zafar Mamakhel, a small village of Lakki Marwat. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa belongs to a nomadic tribe called Kutanree Kutan. They are not settled permanently in one place, their main profession is singing.  She created a great name in Pakistan Music and Afghan Pashto Music.

She is widely known as “The Queen Of Pashtun Music”.She is the singer of legends Folk Music, Old Classical Mousiqui of Pashto.  She is the singer traveling route through Bannu Road from Dera Ismail Khan and up to Kohat and Peshawar. She travels as far as Afghanistan stays there in Summer and returns to Lakki Marwat during the winter season.

She married in 1965, and she has four daughters and two sons, Her son  Shahzada, has stepped into the world of music. Zarlenga never misses any musical event she plays “Da Bangriwal Pa Choli Ma Za”. Her first ever song on Radio, she has sung in  Germany, Belgium, Iraq, Dubai, America, France, and the UK and has enthralled thousands of Pakhtuns and local people with her voice. Tappa is the most settled and most surely understood sort of Pashto verse and Pashto Music Audio.

Zarsanga’s Early Life and Career in Pashto Music

She mainly travels between the Pashto regions of Punjab and Sindh, visiting Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat, and Peshawar along the Bannu Road. Some of them go as far as Afghanistan, where they spend the summer before coming back to the southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa areas for the winter. The tribe’s members make they’re living mostly through singing, which Zarsanga began studying at an early age.

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Zarsganga wed Malla Jan, a nomad who lived in Sarai Naurang, Lakki Marwat. She dismisses the rumors and continues to claim that he is her husband’s cousin, despite the fact that many people think she is married to a well-known folk musician.

Actually, she frequently sang with him, and the majority of the songs written together enjoyed tremendous success. She has nine children her second-oldest son Shahzada, is also a musician. Zarsanga is still residing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Nowshera district with her two grandchildren and sons.

How Zarsanga Started her Musical Career in Pashto Music History?

At an early age, Mustafa, a local musician, saw Zarsanga play at a wedding and immediately recognized her talent. Rashid Ali Dehqan, a producer for Radio Peshawar, brought her in for an audition after Mustafa introduced them. The radio station signed Zarsanga, who later performed some of her most well-known songs on Radio Pakistan. Zarsanga would listen to the music of Gulnar Begum, Kishwar Sultan, Bacha Zarin Jan, Khyal Muhammad, Ahmad Khan, and Sabz Ali Ustad at the beginning of her career.

Zarsanga’s voice, according to a French researcher named Miss Kia who worked for Radio France, is the only mountainous voice in Pashto. Kia traveled to France with Zarsanga for a concert that was highly welcomed at the time. In one of her interviews, Zarsanga discussed giving live performances to audiences around the world. “I was singing a traditional folk song in Pashto about the mountains and gypsy life of the tribal people when a British person came up to me and proudly said that he was also a gypsy,” she recalled her experience at a live music event in London.

Zarsanga Honours and Awards and its Importance in Music

Zarsanga has a lengthy, over 50-year career and has recorded and performed a number of well-known songs, including “Da Bangriwal Pa Choli Ma Za,” the only song she ever had played on the radio, “Zma Da Khro Jamo Yara,” “Rasha Mama Zwi De,” “Zma Da Ghrono Pana Yara,” and “Kht Me Zanzeri De.” She also continued to take part in different international music tours, including those that visited Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, France, Belgium, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Best Pashto Folk Music Songs Free Download

The Pakistani government honored Zartsanga with the Pride of Performance Award (Tama-usn-e Krkardag) for her contributions to folk singing and field music. Several media sites have referred to her as “The Queen Of Pashtun Folklore.” She won Best Singer in 2000 at PTV Awards.

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