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Fozia Soomro – Biography, Top 40 Best Sindhi Music

Fozia Soomro, a name synonymous with Sindhi music, has captivated audiences with her soulful renditions and deep-rooted connection to her cultural heritage. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated Sindhi music artist is a tale of passion, dedication, and an unyielding love for her art.

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Early Life and Background

Hakeema’s Beginnings

Born in 1966 in Weera Wah Village, Karoser Therparker, Sindh, Fozia Soomro’s original name was Hakeema. From an early age, her life was steeped in the rich musical traditions of her homeland.

Introduction to Music by Ghulam Hussain Kaleri

Her journey into music began when she was introduced to it by “Dholak Master” Ghulam Hussain Kaleri. His mentorship played a pivotal role in shaping her musical path.

Musical Journey and Style

Embracing Sindhi and Marwari Songs

Fozia’s repertoire included a blend of Sindhi and Marwari songs. Her performances resonated deeply within the root spaces of Sindh and neighboring India, particularly in Rajasthan.

Innovations in Sindhi Music

Fozia wasn’t just a performer; she was an innovator. She brought new genres like Dhadki to the forefront and enriched Sindhi classical music with her unique touch.

Rise to Fame

Performing Sindhi Classical and Folk Songs

Fozia’s talent shone through her performances of traditional Sindhi songs, folk music, and the classical melodies of Sindh. These songs became well-known and beloved across the region.

Popularity in Local and Regional Communities

Her music echoed through the streets, shops, and inns of Sindh and Therparker, earning her widespread recognition and admiration.

Signature Genres and Styles

Dhadki and Traditional Sindhi Music

Fozia mastered various styles, including Dhadki, and her music often featured traditional instruments like the harmonium and dholak, creating a unique and captivating sound.

Influence of Sindhi Classical Masters

Her work was heavily influenced by the great Sindhi classical musicians, and she paid homage to them through her performances and recordings.

Impact on Sindhi Culture

Popularity in Mehfils and Festivals

Fozia’s songs were a staple at local Mehfils (musical gatherings) and festivals, where her music brought people together in celebration of their cultural heritage.

Influence on Marriage Songs and Cultural Events

She became particularly known for her marriage songs, which are an integral part of Sindhi cultural traditions.

Recognition and Awards

Shah Latif Award

Fozia was honored with the prestigious Shah Latif Award, recognizing her contribution to Sindhi music.

Radio Excellence Award

Her exceptional performances on radio earned her the Radio Excellence Award.

Syed Misri Shah Award

She also received the Syed Misri Shah Award for her soulful renditions of the poetry of renowned Sindhi poets.

Notable Performances

Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television

Fozia was a prominent performer on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television, where her music reached a broad audience.

Local and National Networks

Her performances were also featured on various local and national networks, further solidifying her status as a leading Sindhi music artist.

Iconic Songs and Albums

“Alay Mohinja Maroara”

One of her most famous songs, “Alay Mohinja Maroara,” became a popular dance track in Sindh.

“Janeiro Wayo Moo Khi Chhaday”

Other notable songs include “Janeiro Wayo Moo Khi Chhaday,” showcasing her versatility and appeal.

Musical Influences and Inspirations

Admiration for Abida Parveen

Fozia admired legendary Sindhi folk singer Abida Parveen, and her work often reflected this influence.

Dedication to Traditional Instruments

She remained true to traditional instruments and styles, which set her apart from other artists.

Cultural and Social Contributions

Advocacy for Women’s Rights

Beyond music, Fozia used her platform to advocate for women’s rights and raise awareness about social issues.

Social Awareness Through Music

Her songs frequently addressed themes of love, nature, and the struggles of rural life, making her a voice for the marginalized.

Future Prospects

Collaborations with Other Musicians

Looking ahead, Fozia aims to collaborate with musicians from various genres, blending traditional and contemporary sounds.

Expanding Sindhi Folk Music Globally

Her unique style has the potential to captivate audiences worldwide, introducing them to the rich musical traditions of Sindh.

Sindhi Classical Music: An Overview

Historical Background

Sindhi classical music has a long and storied history, with roots that trace back centuries.

Evolution Over Centuries

Over the years, it has evolved, incorporating various influences while maintaining its core identity.


Fozia Soomro’s journey in the world of Sindhi music is a testament to her talent, passion, and dedication. Her ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements has not only preserved but also revitalized Sindhi folk music. With numerous awards and accolades to her name, Fozia continues to be a beacon of Sindhi culture, inspiring future generations.


  1. What inspired Fozia Soomro to pursue music?
    • Fozia was inspired by her mentor, Ghulam Hussain Kaleri, who introduced her to the world of Sindhi music.
  2. What are some of Fozia Soomro’s most popular songs?
    • Some of her popular songs include “Alay Mohinja Maroara” and “Janeiro Wayo Moo Khi Chhaday.”
  3. Which awards has Fozia Soomro won for her music?
    • Fozia has won several awards, including the Shah Latif Award, Radio Excellence Award, and Syed Misri Shah Award.
  4. How has Fozia Soomro contributed to social causes?
    • Fozia uses her music to raise awareness about women’s rights and other social issues, incorporating these themes into her songs.
  5. What makes Fozia Soomro’s music unique?

    • Her unique blend of traditional instruments, deep emotional expression, and dedication to Sindhi folk music set her apart from other artists.


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