Horror Movie 2024 Gets a Perfect 100% Critic Score

Best Horror Movie 2024, a handful of scary movies excite people each year, but none have generated this much hype around “Longlegs.” The film hits theaters this coming weekend and already has a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes—a rare feat for a horror film. Let’s dive into what makes “Longlegs” the most anticipated horror film of 2024.

Synopsis of the horror movie 2024 Longlegs

In the 1990s, new FBI agent Lee Harker was thrown into an unsolved cold case involving a satanic assassin named Longlegs. As the investigation progresses, Harker uncovers surprising evidence and discovers a disturbing personal connection to the killer. The clock is ticking as Harker races against time to prevent another family from falling prey to the Longleg family’s evil plans.

Best Horror Movie 2024 Gets A Perfect 100 Critic Score

Horror Movie 2024 Full Movie

The members of “Longlegs” are nothing short of stellar. The team is led by Micah Monroe, best known for his brilliant performance in “It Follows” Monroe’s performance in “Longlegs” cements his status as a horror icon. Alicia Whitt, best known for her role in the original “Dune,” adds depth to the cast with her experienced acting skills. Blair Underwood of “Rules of Engagement” fame brings her unique talents to the film, while “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”‘s Kiernan Shipka plays a pivotal role and let’s not forget Nicolas Cage, with a bland performance as murderer Longlegs, to wow audiences It shows how far and what it can do.

Director: Oz Perkins

“Longlegs” mastermind Oz Perkins has had an interesting journey in the film industry. Best known for playing “Dorky David” in 2001’s “Legally Blonde,” Perkins has since directed several horror films. But no one went as far as praising “Longlegs.” Perkins’ unique vision and direction paid off, making this film stand out in his career.

Criticism of the praise

With 25 reviews, “Longlegs” boasts a perfect score of 100% critics on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a remarkable achievement, especially in the genre of horror. To put this in perspective, let’s take a look at some of the top horror movies of 2023:

  • When evil is hidden – 97% .
  • Hucera: Bone Woman – 97% .
  • Sticking – 95% .
  • Talk to me – 95% .
  • M3gan – 93%.
  • It’s impressive – 92%.

None of these hit 100% of the cravings, making “Longlegs” a truly unique film.

Best Horror Movie 2024 Original Reactions and Ads

Early reactions to “Longlegs” have been overwhelmingly positive. The film made a huge impact on the audience with its brilliant performances. One scene that stood out was one in which a viewer exclaimed, “No lies. Longlegs went so crazy that a woman 10/10 behind us started crying halfway through the movie. This level of emotional response.” is a testament to the film’s effectiveness in delivering horror.” and suspense.”

Compared to other classic horror books

“Longlegs” has drawn comparisons to some of the greatest horror movies of all time, including “The Blair Witch Project,” “Silence of the Lambs” and “Zodiac,” These comparisons are not made lightly, because they are similar to what the film captures of the horror is the brilliant stories that made these classics unforgettable.

Best Horror Movie 2024 Expectations and Predictions

The release of “Longlegs” is expected to have a significant impact on the horror genre. With its unique plot, stellar cast, and brilliant direction, the film is set to become a classic in its own right. Awards and recognition are on the way, as the film continues to garner critical and audience acclaim.


“Longlegs” is shaping up to be the horror movie event of the year. Its thorough critique, coupled with compelling storytelling and outstanding performances, makes it a must-watch. As the release date approaches, the anticipation is at its highest. Horror fans and moviegoers alike are eager for the scares that “Longlegs” promises to deliver.


What is Longlegs about?

Longlegs follows new FBI agent Lee Harker as they investigate the case of a diabolical murderer named Longlegs. The investigation uncovers surprising evidence and a personal connection between Harker and the killer.

Who is the performer in Longlegs?

The film features an impressive cast of Micah Monroe, Alicia Witt, Blair Underwood, Kiernan Shipka, and Nicolas Cage.

Who directed Longlegs?

Longlegs was directed by Oz Perkins, who has directed many other horror films but none as acclaimed as this one.

What sets Longlegs apart from other horror films?

Longlegs stands out on Rotten Tomatoes for its perfect 100% critic score, its solid plot, and the exceptional acting of its cast.

When does Longlegs hit theaters?

Longlegs is scheduled to hit select theaters on July 12.


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